The Davida Koura is a full face motorcycle helmet designed by engineers with experience developing helmets for both MotoGP and Formula 1. Although the shell design of the Koura is retro, the the engineering that went into it is entirely modern.

The Koura has been safety certified by the ECE R22-05 (EU), DOT FMVS 281 (USA), and ACU Gold (UK) safety standards. Most helmets have one or two certifications, but three from major world markets is unusual, and a good indication of high build quality.

Davida is one of the only motorcycle helmet manufacturers who still make 100% of their helmets in England, most other companies have shipped production out to China, however Davida founder David Fiddaman chose to keep manufacturing in Britain so he could focus on quality control.

Davida Koura Helmet Front

The Davida Koura can be ordered with either a traditional glass fibre shell or a carbon fibre shell, a number of shell sizes are used to ensure different head sizes can have a suitable shell size and no one ends up looking like a bobblehead.

Each helmet has an ECE R22-05 certified anti-scratch and anti-fog visor, as well as a three-piece removable leather liner. Replacement leather liner kits are available in five colors, and replacement visors are available in clear, half-tint, and full tint.

The Koura has an aerodynamic shell with a vented chin bar and a double D-ring closure, a wide variety of colors are available and there’s a handy sizing chart on the website to ensure you get the right size first time.

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Davida Koura Helmet Side

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