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Fox Racing V3 Helmet Side Front

Most modern helmets do a good job of absorbing linear impact energy but absorb very little rotational energy – studies are showing that this rotational force can be just as dangerous as linear impacts, sometimes more so.

Fluid Inside™ technology consists of a series of fluid filled capsules on the inside of the helmet that can twist, warp, slide, and crush inwards in the event of a head impact, reducing the twisting forces experienced by your brain.

For additional safety the Fox Racing V3 helmet also features a Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS) which allows the visor to detach instantly during a crash.

The shell uses MCT (Multi Composite Technology) construction that combines carbon and FRP resins to provide a light but very rigid external shell, this is paired with a dual-density Varizorb™ EPS liner which provides improved protection by spreading the forces of an impact across a wider surface area.

The V3 has a highly ventilated design, with multiple mesh vents in the front, side, and back resulting in excellent airflow over the rider’s head at all times. This feature alone will likely make the helmet popular with many urban riders in warmer climates, who often have to choose between full face helmets and sweltering heat or 3/4 face helmets with optimal airflow but no face protection.

The V3 helmet meets or exceeds both DOT (USA) and ECE 22.05 (EU) safety standards, it comes in four shell and EPS sizes for best in class fit, and it is offered in either black or white.

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Fox Racing V3 Helmet Top

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