DMD Seventy Five Waves Helmet

DMD Seventy Five Waves Helmet 3 450x330 - DMD Seventy Five Waves Helmet

DMD Helmets have been in business for over 40 years, the new Seventy Five Waves helmet is a throwback to the designs we saw in the motocross world in the decade of disco and bell-bottoms, but it has full modern safety compliance (DOT and ECE), as well as a far safer shell made from Kevlar…

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Wrench Helmet Rack

Wrench Helmet Rack 450x330 - Wrench Helmet Rack

These clever helmet racks are the work of Lex Hughes, the man behind Those Once Loyal – an American company that hand-builds a series of motorcycle related parts and accessories out of Wisconsin. The company’s most famous creation is their wrench helmet rack – offered in two main variants, the individual wrenches you see here,…

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Schuberth C4 Legacy Helmet

Schuberth C4 Legacy Helmet 450x330 - Schuberth C4 Legacy Helmet

The new Schuberth C4 Legacy helmet is a fundamental redesign of the technologically advanced modular touring helmets that Schuberth is already famous for – as an added bonus the C4 Legacy comes with a hefty dose of minimalist retro styling, making it ideal for use on everything from vintage bikes to modern classics. The C4…

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Bell Riot Helmet

Bell Riot Helmet 2 450x330 - Bell Riot Helmet

The Bell Riot Helmet is a 3/4 face lid with 5 different shell and EPS sizes to keep the helmet profile low, even on people with medium to small sized noggins. For wind and eye protection the Riot is fitted with a flip up NutraFog II™ anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UV protected shield, and there’s a…

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The Equilibrialist Visor

The Equilibrialist Visor 450x330 - The Equilibrialist Visor

The Equilibrialist Visor is a custom shield currently produced for Ruby, Nexx, and Biltwell helmets. The visors are designed to perfectly fill the helmet opening, which provides excellent protection from road debris and rain, and does a lot to reduce wind noise at higher speeds. Each Equilibrialist is made from high-strength polycarbonate with an anti-fog…

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Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet

Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet 450x330 - Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet

The Biltwell Lane Splitter Helmet has been in limited release since it was introduced – demand has been so strong that no sooner is a new batch listed for sale than they sell out. The design of the full face Lane Splitter builds on the popularity of the Biltwell Gringo helmet – their original retro full…

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VELDT Full Face Carbon Helmet

VELDT Full Face Carbon Helmet 1 450x330 - VELDT Full Face Carbon Helmet

VELDT is a helmet company based in one of the motorcycling world’s most hallowed places – the Isle of Man. The helmets are made from carbon fibre sourced from Japan, and each helmet is baked in an autoclave for 6 hours to harden the shell. The current collection of VELDT helmets is built to both…

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Bell Moto-3 RSD Malibu Helmet

Bell Moto 3 RSD Malibu Helmet 450x330 - Bell Moto-3 RSD Malibu Helmet

The Bell Moto-3 RSD Malibu Helmet is a new version of the Bell Moto-3, a helmet based on the original off-road Bell helmet from the golden age of motocross. Bell were encouraged to re-engineer the Moto-3 after the runaway success enjoyed by the Bell Bullitt – a retro full face helmet that’s proven hugely popular…

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Hedon Heroine Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Heron Heroine Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Side 450x330 - Hedon Heroine Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The new Hedon Heroine is a welcome addition to the growing number of classically-styled motorcycle helmets with full modern safety compliance. Hedon is a British company formed by designers Lindsay and Reginald in 2011 with the aim of creating well-built motorcycle gear with a strong focus on style. The Heroine helmet series is new for…

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Biltwell Gringo Tri-Stripe

Biltwell Gringo Tri Stripe 450x330 - Biltwell Gringo Tri-Stripe

The Biltwell Gringo was one of the first of the retro full-face motorcycle helmets to hit the store shelves, and they’ve proven to be a hugely popular with those who want modern safety standards in a classically-styled package. Each Gringo is built to match or exceed current DOT standards, with a seamless injection-molded ABS outer…

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Nexx XG100 Carbon Helmet

Nexx XG100 Carbon Helmet 450x330 - Nexx XG100 Carbon Helmet

The Nexx XG100 Carbon Helmet is a new offering from the European company, as the name suggests it has a 100% carbon fibre shell with an EPS liner that meets or exceeds both the European ECE 22-05 safety certification and the American DOT. Much like the Model T Ford, the Nexx XG100 Carbon Helmet comes…

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The Biltwell Gringo

Biltwell Gringo 450x330 - The Biltwell Gringo

In 2013 Biltwell turned the vintage and classic motorcycle world on its head by releasing a retro-styled helmet built using modern materials to modern DOT-safety standards. People had been wanting a helmet like this for years, and some had gone so far as to buy vintage helmets and have them refurbished – although obviously this…

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