The Biltwell Gringo

Biltwell Gringo 450x330 - The Biltwell Gringo

In 2013 Biltwell turned the vintage and classic motorcycle world on its head by releasing a retro-styled helmet built using modern materials to modern DOT-safety standards. People had been wanting a helmet like this for years, and some had gone so far as to buy vintage helmets and have them refurbished – although obviously this…

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The Bell Moto-3 Revival

Bell Moto 3 Helmet Hero Image 450x330 - The Bell Moto-3 Revival

When Bell Helmets announced they’d be bringing back their Moto-3 Helmet made famous during the ‘70s, the classic motorcycle world sat up and took notice. There’s been a measurable shift back towards the simpler, less edgy gear worn by our motorcycling forebears in recent years – with the added benefit of modern construction techniques and…

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Icon Variant Ghost Carbon Helmet

Icon Variant Ghost Carbon Helmet 450x330 - Icon Variant Ghost Carbon Helmet

Icon Variant Ghost Carbon Helmet one of the safest and most popular lids in the booming dual sport segment, it’s also proven to be popular with urban riders who want the benefits of a sun visor with a healthy dose styling reminiscent of Halo’s Master Chief. Icon submit all of their helmets to all major…

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Bell Moto-3 Helmet

Bell Moto 3 Helmet 450x330 - Bell Moto-3 Helmet

The new Bell Moto-3 Helmet has been hotly anticipated since it was announced earlier this year, it’s essentially a re-release of the original helmet from the 1970s, however Bell have incorporated all of the modern safety elements you’d expect in a motorcycle helmet in 2016. The outer shell of the new Bell Moto-3 is almost…

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Silver Foil Veldt Motorcycle Helmet

Veldt Motorcycle Helmets 1 450x330 - Silver Foil Veldt Motorcycle Helmet

Veldt is a new venture from the team that developed Ruby Helmets, this new series of helmets are designed to be modular – offering wearers the option of a 3/4 face helmet, or a full face with the addition of a chin bar. Each Veldt helmet has a carbon fiber shell, with gunmetal fixings, a…

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Top 10 Dual Sport Helmets of 2016

Top 10 Dual Sport Helmets Hero 450x330 - Top 10 Dual Sport Helmets of 2016

Dual sport helmets are designed to be used both on and off road, incorporating the best design features of both helmet styles. Dual sport motorcycles have been enjoying a surge in popularity in recent years, and it shows no sign of abating any time soon. In recent years we’ve seen classically styled scramblers coming back…

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Bell Bullitt Skratch LE Helmet

Bell Bullitt Skratch LE Helmet 450x330 - Bell Bullitt Skratch LE Helmet

The new-for-2016 Bell Bullitt Skratch LE Helmet is a new take on the now well-established Bullitt line of retro-modern helmets from the iconic American manufacturer. The exterior shell art on the Scratch LE is influenced by 1950s-era motorsport liveries, with a red hemisphere on the left and a black pinstriped hemisphere on the right. All…

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Top 8 Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

Top 8 Open Face Motorcycle Helmets copy 450x330 - Top 8 Open Face Motorcycle Helmets

The first motorcycle helmet was co-developed in 1914 by a British doctor who ran the medical facilities at the Brooklands race track. After seeing countless head injuries caused by accidents during races he contracted a local man to build a hard shellac helmet with a slightly softer internal canvas lining. These early helmets weren’t designed…

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The Helmet Art Of Hello Cousteau

custom motorcycle helmet designs 17 450x330 - The Helmet Art Of Hello Cousteau

This collection of helmet art is the work of Nuno Henriques and his boutique brand Hello Cousteau. Nuno is an accomplished interior designer and avid motorcyclist who discovered that he couldn’t find a helmet design that he really liked – everything was either way too modern and garish, or too retro. Nuno began applying his own…

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Premier Trophy Helmet

Premier Trophy Helmet 450x330 - Premier Trophy Helmet

The Trophy Helmet model range by Premier offers classically styled shells with entirely modern, and ECE 22.05 certified protection. Many of us ride motorcycles that are either vintage, or designed with the lines and visual simplicity of vintage motorcycles – so having a helmet that matches the style of the bike but offers modern noggin…

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Schuberth E1 Adventure Helmet

Schuberth E1 Adventure Helmet 450x330 - Schuberth E1 Adventure Helmet

The shell design of the Schuberth E1 Adventure Helmet is the result of significant testing and refinement in Schuberth’s aeroacoustic lab – resulting in a helmet optimized for both aerodynamic and aeroacoustic performance. In layman’s terms, that means the lid has won’t buffet around at high speeds, and the wind noise will be minimal. Internally,…

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Nexx XG100 Devon Helmet

Nexx XG100 Devon Helmet 1 450x330 - Nexx XG100 Devon Helmet

The Nexx XG100 Devon Helmet is a new release for 2016 from the Portuguese company that adds to their hugely popular XG100 product line. The retro shell design of the XG100 combined with modern safety compliance has made it a winner with those who want a classic helmet that’s ECE 22-05 (Europe), DOT (USA), and…

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