The new Trip Machine Helmet Hanger is an all-in-one solution for storing your motorcycle jacket, helmet, and keys when you’re not using them.

It’s common for people to store their helmets on desks or table tops when not in use, this has the unintended consequence of sealing off airflow to the underside and it can lead to mildew and mould inside the lining.

Helmet hangers are a great way to ensure good airflow around and inside the helmet, they also do a good job of displaying the helmet when you’re not wearing it, and keeping it safe from being knocked off a desk.

The Trip Machine Helmet Hanger is made from wood, steel, and leather, and it comes with the required mounting screws. The back plate is made from solid timber with an antique finish, the helmet hook is steel with a leather wrap to protect your helmet lining, and there’s a twin spanner “X” at the bottom where you can hang your jacket, keys, and gloves.

The hanger measures in at 18 inches high by 5 inches wide (45.72 cm by 12.7 cm) and it retails for £65.00 courtesy of Urban Rider.

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Trip Machine Helmet Hanger 1 Trip Machine Helmet Hanger 2 Trip Machine Helmet Hanger

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