Norton Model 18

Norton Model 18 450x330 - Norton Model 18

The Norton Model 18 was the most advanced motorcycle ever built by the British marque when it was introduced in 1923. Unlike its forbears the Model 18 was fitted with a new overhead valve engine – replacing the now obsolete side valve designs that had been popular in the formative years of motorcycling. In 1922,…

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The 1959 Norton-JAP Sprinter “Thor”

Norton JAP 4 450x330 - The 1959 Norton-JAP Sprinter "Thor"

The Norton Featherbed frame and JAP motorcycle engine were amongst the most important British motorcycle developments of the 20th century – although they very rarely found themselves powering the same bike. JAP is an acronym for JA Prestwich Industries – a company started by a naturally talented English engineer who started out in a small workshop…

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Norton Commando Scrambler

Norton Commando Motorcycle 10 450x330 - Norton Commando Scrambler

The Norton Commando is a motorcycle that defied the odds to become a cult classic in its own lifetime, it was developed to compete with the new wave of bikes coming out of Japan but unlike the Japanese, the Brits were struggling to fund new R&D. This resulted in the Commando using the Atlas parallel…

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Norton Commando by NYC Norton

Norton Commando Motorbike 6 450x330 - Norton Commando by NYC Norton

The Norton Commando is a motorcycle that probably shouldn’t have been as successful as it was. It was released in 1968 using a parallel twin that was originally introduced in 1949, this engine was called the Atlas and it was remarkable for a few reasons – perhaps none more so than for the fact that…

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Richard Hammond’s Triton

Triton Motorcycle1 450x330 - Richard Hammond's Triton

The Triton is almost certainly the most famous motorcycle to have never been built in a factory – the name came from a contraction of Triumph (who supplied the engine) and Norton (who supplied the Featherbed frame). Those who made it through a semester of Greek mythology will also tell you that Triton was a Greek god and…

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Norton-Velocette Dustbin Racer

Norton Velocette 7 450x330 - Norton-Velocette Dustbin Racer

This Norton-Velocette is one of many specials based on the legendary Norton Featherbed frame – a motorcycle chassis so influential that a number of companies exist to this day to produce it (and close approximations of it). Somewhat controversially the frame was developed for Norton by Rex McCandless, he wasn’t an engineer but he had raced…

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Commando #106 by Colorado Norton Works

Norton Commando 1 450x330 - Commando #106 by Colorado Norton Works

The Norton Commando is a motorcycle that, in some ways, represents the final peak of the first great wave of British motorcycles. That previous sentence is going to enrage a reasonably significant number of British motorcycle enthusiasts, but hardcore enthusiasts from any genre always love to getting riled up, so every now and then I…

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The Norton Project

The Norton Project 450x330 - The Norton Project

The Norton Project is a short documentary about two sons who stole their father’s 1969 Norton Commando to get it professionally restored, and then give it back to him as a Christmas Day surprise. The film first came to light about 4 years ago but recently I discovered that a lot of people still haven’t…

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Norton Challenge P86

Norton Challenge P86 3 450x330 - Norton Challenge P86

The Norton Challenge P86 was the superbike that could’ve, would’ve and should’ve saved the British motorcycle industry from the Japanese invasion that took place on two-wheels throughout the 1970s. The owners of Norton had thrown everything they had into a last ditch effort to win races and win back their company from the creditors, and…

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Tickle Manx T3

Tickle Manx 450x330 - Tickle Manx T3

The Tickle Manx is a bit of a historical curiosity, it’s a result of the sale of the AMC race shop to the famous Colin Seeley in 1966 – As part of the deal Seeley acquired the rights to the Norton Manx as well as the Matchless G50 and AJS 7R, by 1969 he had…

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1975 Norton Commando

Norton Commando 450x330 - 1975 Norton Commando

This pristine 1975 Norton Commando is the result of a restoration by the team over at Colorado Norton Works – almost certainly the world’s foremost authority on resto-modding the classic British parallel twin. The Commando you see here has had the original carburettor replaced with a far superior 34mm Mikuni unit, this significantly improves reliability…

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