Swany Grip Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Swany Grip Motorcycle Gloves 450x330 - Swany Grip Summer Motorcycle Gloves

The Grip Motorcycle Gloves were designed by the Japanese team at Swany for summer use – when thick, non-ventilated gloves can quickly become soaked with sweat and barely useable. Each pair are made from durable but thin leather with ample perforations along the backs to allow maximum airflow. The seams are externally stitched to avoid…

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Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles Rodeo Gloves

Fuel Motorcycles Rodeo Gloves Main

The Rodeo Gloves are a new offering from the world famous Barcelona-based custom motorcycle powerhouse Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles. The team at Fuel aren’t just product designers and bike builders – they run the annual Scram Africa Rally through the Sahara, and they specifically develop that they want to wear themselves while out in the desert….

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Abel Brown Mada Motorcycle Gloves – Touchscreen Friendly

Abel Brown Mada Motorcycle Gloves

Abel Brown is an American motorcycle gear company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. They pride themselves on very close attention to detail and only using the best materials, to create gear that’ll last for decades. Just like it did back in the old days before the race to the lowest price-point began. Each pair of…

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Age of Glory Victory Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Age of Glory Retro Motorcycle Gloves

The new Age of Glory Victory Leather Motorcycle Gloves are designed to evoke the styling of the motocross gear worn by the legends of the sport in the 1970s. Each pair is made from leather, with a perforated back for cooling, double layer padded palms for safety, press stud wrist straps, high-visibility anti-abrasion leather strips…

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The British Originals: Goldtop Short Bobber Motorcycle Gloves

Goldtop Short Bobber Motorcycle Gloves 450x330 - The British Originals: Goldtop Short Bobber Motorcycle Gloves

The Goldtop Short Bobber Motorcycle Gloves are made in England using traditional materials and techniques, including 1.0mm hand-waxed Aniline cowhide leather and 5 strand cotton thread stitching throughout. The Goldtop Company Goldtop is a name many modern motorcyclists aren’t familiar with, but their fathers and grandfathers probably are – the company was founded in 1951 and…

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Blitz BMX Motorcycle Gloves

Blitz BMX Motorcycle Gloves

The new Blitz BMX Motorcycle Gloves have been designed to evoke the styling of the gloves worn by BMX racers in the 1980s – specifically the iconic JT Racing gloves. Many of us who were kids in the ’80s spent many hours after school and on weekends piloting our BMX bikes on various adventures around…

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Black Arrow Queen Bee Women’s Motorcycle Gloves

Black Arrow Queen Bee Motorcycle Gloves

The Queen Bee Motorcycle Gloves are a new design by Australian motorcycle gear maker Black Arrow – a Sydney-based company that focusses on creating women’s gear, though they do make a few products for men too. The team at Black Arrow designed the Queen Bee Motorcycle Gloves specifically for women, so they have a smaller…

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Lee Parks Design Sumo Motorcycle Gloves

Lee Parks Design Sumo Glove 450x330 - Lee Parks Design Sumo Motorcycle Gloves

The Lee Parks Design Sumo Motorcycle Gloves are based on the popular DeerTours Gloves that have earned a worldwide following for their exceptionally tough construction, and their all-day comfort thanks to their soft, 100% deerskin construction. Lee Parks is a name that may seem strangely familiar to you, he worked for years as a motorcycle…

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Sakura Motorcycle Gloves by 78 Motor Co.

Sakura Motorcycle Gloves by 78 Motor Co. 450x330 - Sakura Motorcycle Gloves by 78 Motor Co.

Each pair of Sakura Motorcycle Gloves is made from the finest Scandinavian aniline calf hides, chosen for their natural top grain, and each receive a 3-stage dye process for a deep, striking color. The team at the 78 Motor Co. take 6 hours to produce each pair of gloves. They feature a ribbed back, a…

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Ellaspede Road Gloves

Ellaspede Road Gloves 3 450x330 - Ellaspede Road Gloves

Ellaspede’s Road Gloves were developed by the Australian company over an 18 month period, subject to over 10,000 kms of road use, and multiple design tweaks to get them just right. Most gloves are designed to look good on the rack so you’ll buy them, but Ellaspede designed these to work well as a first…

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Aether Moto Gloves

Aether Moto Gloves Hero 450x330 - Aether Moto Gloves

Aether’s Moto Gloves have traditional 100% cow hide construction, with a double layer on the palm to provide additional abrasion resistance in the event of an accident – the hands are often the first thing to hit the asphalt after all. All of Aether’s motorcycle gear comes with an impressive lifetime warranty, and a 50%…

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Roland Sands Strand Gloves

Roland Sands Strand Gloves 450x330 - Roland Sands Strand Gloves

The new Roland Sands Strand Gloves are designed for comfortable warmer weather riding. Each pair has a stretch mesh/textile construction, with a tough synthetic Clarino palm, leather trim, a padded palm, and a pre-curved fit. As you’d expect with any modern motorcycle glove, the Strand gloves are touchscreen friendly – so you can use you…

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