Niki Lauda’s March 711 Formula 1 Car

March Formula 1 Car 1 450x330 - Niki Lauda's March 711 Formula 1 Car

Niki Lauda is one of Formula 1’s great heroes. Rather than the typical rags to riches tale, Niki’s was a story of riches to rags, he left behind his family’s staggering wealth and took out bank loans to fund his racing – loans that were guaranteed by his own life insurance policy. Fortunately, Lauda was…

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Ferrari F1/87 Cutaway Wallpaper

Ferrari F1 87 Cutaway Wallpaper  450x330 - Ferrari F1/87 Cutaway Wallpaper

The Ferrari F1/87 gave the storied Italian marque its first back-to-back victories since 1981 – 6 years earlier. The car was so good towards the end of the 1987 season that Ferrari became favourites to win the championship the following year. This cutaway shows the all-new for 1987 90° 1.5 litre turbocharged V6 engine called the…

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Desktop Wallpaper: Graham Hill Flying The Lotus 49

Graham Hill driving the Lotus 49 in 1969 450x330 - Desktop Wallpaper: Graham Hill Flying The Lotus 49

Graham Hill is unquestionably one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time, but he’s possibly more famous for being the embodiment of the British gentleman racer. Although he looked like a member of the House of Lords, Hill was a two-time Formula 1 World Champion, and he’s the only driver in history to…

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Ronnie Peterson: 1975 Documentary

Ronnie Peterson Formula 1 450x330 - Ronnie Peterson: 1975 Documentary

Editor’s Note: The original documentary was deleted, but we’ve added in an Italian one above. You can turn on auto translate by clicking the “settings” cog on the lower right side of the YouTube frame. Ronnie Peterson was a Swedish Formula One driver whose career was cut short in a first corner incident with James…

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Jim Clark’s Lotus 49: Screen Print Poster

Jim Clark 450x330 - Jim Clark's Lotus 49: Screen Print Poster

Jim Clark is remembered as one of the greatest racing drivers of all time. The Scotsman managed 33 pole positions and 25 race victories from his 72 Grands Prix, he also took a Lotus-Cortina to victory in the 1964 British Touring Car Championship, he won the Indianapolis 500 in 1965, and he won the Formula…

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The Wing Man – Robin Herd

McLaren F1 Car 450x330 - The Wing Man - Robin Herd

The Wing Man is a short film from McLaren that was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Robin Herd joining Bruce McLaren’s racing team. Herd was hired directly from the Concorde project despite his lack of formal training in race car engineering. The influence that Robin had on McLaren in its formative years was…

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The Phil Hill Story

Phil Hill Ferrari 450x330 - The Phil Hill Story

The Phil Hill Story is a slightly older documentary about America’s only native born Formula 1 World Champion. Hill was a famously quiet and reserved man who once said “I’m in the wrong business. I don’t want to beat anybody, I don’t want to be the big hero. I’m a peace-loving man, basically.” Despite his…

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Supercharged: The Grand Prix Car – Documentary

Supercharged The Grand Prix Car Documentary 450x330 - Supercharged: The Grand Prix Car - Documentary

Supercharged: The Grand Prix Car is a slightly older documentary about some of the greatest years in Grand Prix racing – the 1924 to 1939 period. I don’t think any other era of motor racing has ever matched the sheer pace of innovation see in the pre-WWII years, and it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything…

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Graham Hill Describes A Lap Of Monaco

Graham Hill Formula 1 450x330 - Graham Hill Describes A Lap Of Monaco

At the time of writing we’re a few hours away from the start of the 2015 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix – a race considered by many to be the best of the year, which is oftentimes backed up by viewership figures which tend to be significantly higher than any other race. This clip was…

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Vintage Monaco F1 Poster

Vintage F1 Poster 450x330 - Vintage Monaco F1 Poster

Michael Turner has been creating automotive art and racing posters since the early 1960s, he was born in 1934 and somewhat amazingly – you can still order original art from him today via his website Studio 88. The poster you see here was created in-period for the 1970 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, it’s being…

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Ayrton Senna Wallpaper

aryton senna 450x330 - Ayrton Senna Wallpaper

The story of Ayrton Senna and his rise to the highest echelons of motorsport reads like a slightly unrealistic Hollywood script – a young Brazilian boy who started life with such poor coordination that he needed medical tests goes on to learn how to drive a Jeep by the age of 7 (without use of…

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Stuart Lewis-Evans Wallpaper

Vintage Formula 1 Stuart Lewis Evans 450x330 - Stuart Lewis-Evans Wallpaper

Stuart Lewis-Evans was an up and coming racing driver and good friend of the young Stirling Moss, this image was taken in September 1953 when Stuart was just 23 years old and it shows him unloading his Cooper 500 Formula 3 racing car at the Crystal Palace race circuit in South London – from the…

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