AAR Eagle-Weslake Mk1 Print

AAR Eagle Weslake Mk1 450x330 - AAR Eagle-Weslake Mk1 Print

The Anglo American Racers Eagle-Weslake Mk1 is widely considered one of the most beautiful Formula 1 cars ever constructed, its distinctive colour scheme was Dan Gurney’s hat tip to the USA national racing colours which were also used on Fords, Shelbys and Scarabs in-period. Personally, I’ve always been deeply enamoured with the Eagle-Weslake Mk1 for…

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Divina Galica Wallpaper

Divina Galica 450x330 - Divina Galica Wallpaper

Divina Galica was only the third woman to ever race in Formula 1, interestingly it came about because she was a British Olympic skier and was invited to take part in a celebrity automobile race. She stunned the field with her talent and was quickly hired to race in the 1976 British Shellsport International Group…

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Murray Walker Documentary: It Wasn’t Work

Murray Walker 450x330 - Murray Walker Documentary: It Wasn't Work

Murray Walker: It Wasn’t Work is a new documentary film about the legendary Formula 1 commentator Murray Walker, many of you will be instantly familiar with Murray and those of you who don’t recognise his face will almost certainly recognise his voice – if you ever happened to tune into a Formula 1 race between 1978…

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When Playboys Ruled The World

When Playboys Ruled The World 450x330 - When Playboys Ruled The World

When Playboys Ruled The World is a documentary about Barry Sheene and James Hunt – two of the most iconic racers of the ’70s and ’80s. Hunt was a Formula 1 driver and Barry Sheene was a grand prix motorcycle racer, both men became famous for their antics both on and off the asphalt with James…

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1955 Belgian Grand Prix

1955 belgian grand prix 1 450x330 - 1955 Belgian Grand Prix

1955 Belgian Grand Prix is a Shell film from the same year, covering the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa in surprising detail. It’s fascinating to see behind the scenes and watch men like Fangio and Moss belting their Mercedes up Eau Rouge in the wet, with no roll over protection not even a hint of…

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1970 Brabham-Cosworth Formula 1 Car

Vintage Formula 1 Car 14 450x330 - 1970 Brabham-Cosworth Formula 1 Car

The 1970 Brabham-Cosworth BT33 was a Formula 1 car that had originally been intended for Jochen Rindt, however at the last minute Rindt changed his mind and decided to stay with Lotus. This meant that Jack Brabham’s plan to retire at the end of the 1969 season was shelved, instead he suited up and climbed…

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Juan Manuel Fangio Wallpaper

Juan Manuel Fangio Wallpaper 450x330 - Juan Manuel Fangio Wallpaper

Juan Manuel Fangio has the unique distinction of having the highest winning percentage (46.15%) of any driver in the history of Grand Prix motor racing, he’s also the only man to have won five world titles with four separate teams (Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Maserati). Looking at the current format used in Formula 1 motor…

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Nigel Mansell’s Steering Wheel

Nigel Mansell steering wheel 450x330 - Nigel Mansell's Steering Wheel

This is Nigel Mansell’s Momo steering wheel from the 1982 Brazilian Grand Prix, it was originally fitted to his John Player Special Lotus 91, it’s the wheel he used to steer himself to the 3rd place step on the podium and it’s now been mounted on a stack of gearbox cogs. The JPS Lotus heritage…

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The First Canadian Grand Prix – 1967

Clark 67 italy 01 bc 450x330 - The First Canadian Grand Prix - 1967

This film is a look at the events surrounding the first Canadian Grand Prix, held in 1967 after Canada’s successful bid to host a Formula 1 race. The drivers taking part in this race would go down in history as icons of the sport, the starting grid included Bruce McLaren, Dan Gurney, Jack Brabham, Denny…

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1990 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix

1990 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix 450x330 - 1990 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix

The 1990 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix was a tempestuous event, it included one of the most significant first lap incidents in the history of the small European principality’s race. The drivers include Ayrton Senna, Gerhard Berger, Alain Prost, Jean Alesi, Riccardo Patrese, Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet and 23 others – the full field was…

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Ayrton Senna’s Lotus 97T

Lotus 97T + Ayrton Senna 450x330 - Ayrton Senna's Lotus 97T

Ayrton Senna’s first win was a borderline cinematic effort on a rainy Sunday afternoon at the 1985 Portuguese Grand Prix, he was driving the Lotus 97T and the win would be Lotus’s first since the untimely death of Colin Chapman in 1982. Senna’s long list of wins began with the car you see pictured here,…

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