Documentary: Building An Engine From Scratch – Casting – Machining – Assembly – Test Riding

Building An Engine From Scratch - Casting - Machining - Assembly - Test Riding

This 10 minute films shows the process of building an engine from scratch, including the casting process, machining, final assembly, and the completed motorcycle’s first test ride. It’s an interesting look into how motorcycle (and car) engines were painstakingly built back in the early days of motoring, every step of the process involved highly-skilled machinists,…

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1979 Alfa Romeo V12 Formula 1 Engine – Tipo 1260

Alfa Romeo V12 Formula 1 Engine

There’s nothing like finding an original Alfa Romeo V12 Formula 1 engine up for sale for the borderline affordable price (for some) of ~$20,000 USD to get you thinking about engine swaps. It comes with its original transaxle too, so you’ll just need to find a mid-engined car in need of a power plant –…

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Porsche Tractor – A Rare 1961 Porsche Junior 108

The first Porsche tractor designs were penned by Dr Ferdinand Porsche in the early 1930s alongside the early designs for the VW Beetle – the original plan was to develop a “Volks-Tractor” to be sold alongside the “Volks-Wagen”. A Brief History of the Porsche Tractor By 1934 there were three working tractor prototypes, all of which…

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McLaren Ford DFV 919 Engine Block Coffee Table

When the McLaren Racing Formula 1 Team blew this engine during a test session in the mid-70s there are few who would have believed it would be offered for sale in Paris over 40 years later as a €1,500+ coffee table and wine rack. Before its explosive demise, the Ford DFV 919 V8 F1 engine…

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A “Shadowized” 1954 Vincent Rapide Series-C

The Vincent V-Twin The Vincent Rapide was the first motorcycle from the Stevenage-based motorcycle manufacturer to be fitted with their new V-twin. This engine is considered by many motorcycle historians to be one of the most beautiful twins of all time, and funnily enough it only came to be because of a coincidence on the…

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The Galaxy Custom Yamaha XS650

Meet Galaxy Custom Galaxy Custom is a Bulgarian custom motorcycle garage, interestingly it lives inside a workshop that builds bespoke high-end furniture – this means they have the skills, personnel, and equipment on hand to build just about any bike they can dream of. Their previous builds have included a couple of BMWs – including a…

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