Ejector Seat Man Chair

Hangar 54 Ejector Seat Chair

There are few things more Bond-villainy than a properly intimidating chair, and this one has all the hallmarks of a classic. Made from an original Martin-Baker ejector seat, it was hand-built by the talented team at Hangar 54. They used an original WWII fighter pilot’s jacket for the upholstery and created a solid base from…

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Paton S1 Strada

Paton moto motorcycle

The new S1 Strada by Paton is a motorcycle that exudes classic ’60s retro-charm, belying it’s advanced engineering and soon to be tested Isle of Man TT capabilities. Paton was originally founded in 1957 by Giuseppe Pattoni who was the chief mechanic at FB Mondial GP until the team folded, Pattoni set out on his…

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Omega Seamaster Bullhead

Omega Seamaster Bullhead Watch

  The Omega Seamaster Bullhead is an unusual offering from the famous Swiss watchmaker, it’s based on the now iconic 1969 Seamaster Bullhead and the two watches share an immediately obvious family resemblance. The original ’69 Bullhead was fitted with a movement that required manual winding and offered twin sub-dials, a date window and a crown…

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Boombox by TDK

Retro Boombox TDK

  This minimalist boombox by TDK is designed to work with any modern smartphone, allowing you to plug it in and charge it while it plays music. The boombox can either run off mains power or battery power, allowing you to take it with you for days at the beach or weekends away, you can…

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Porsche 911 L Rally

Porsche 911 Rally

  In 1968 Porsche relented to customer demand and produced a limited run of the 911 L with the full 9552 Rally Kit fitted, factory records indicate that 28 were made in total however less than 9 of these original cars are thought to remain. These factory prepared cars saw significant successes in rally competitions…

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The Lotus C-01 Motorcycle

Lotus C-01 Motorcycle 3

  The Lotus C-01 motorcycle is a new design from Daniel Simon, the man responsible for unique automotive designs for companies from Seat, to Lamborghini, to Bugatti. He’s also a renowned futurist designer and is single handedly responsible for the Tron Lightcycle from the 2010 film and the Bubbleship piloted by Tom Cruise in the 2013…

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1935 Amilcar Type G36 Roadster

Amilcar Type G36

  Every now and then a car like this pristine 1935 Amilcar Type G36 Boattail Roadster comes up for auction with an estimated hammer price below the value of my house. This causes no small amount of consternation for me as I begin the process of convincing the 6 year old boy who still lives…

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Jaguar F1 Cufflinks

Formula 1 cufflinks

  These matching cufflinks have been crafted from twin bolts used to retain the crank within the engine block on an original Formula 1 car from the era when Jaguar was racing in F1. They’re each made by hand by the team at Ledon Engineering and somewhat surprisingly, the price tag is just $36 USD for…

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iPhone Wallet by Hard Graft

iPhone Wallet by HardGraft

  Hard Graft is a small company that specialises in hand-making bags and cases for the modern technological gear we find ourselves carrying around on a daily basis. They almost exclusively use leather and felt which results in soft, durable gear that looks multiple orders of magnitude better than the usual nylon, velcro and Pleather®…

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