The World’s First Motorcycle

The Worlds First Motorcycle

As you might imagine, there’s no small amount of controversy surrounding the invention of the motorcycle. In fact, some consider the first motorcycle to also be the first car – as it was created 2 years before Karl Benz unveiled his invention in 1886 and both were 3-wheelers propelled by a petrol powered, internal combustion…

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Johammer Electric Motorcycle


The Johammer electric motorcycle is a new design that first came to light in February this year, the initial visual impact that the bike had on me was at once both positive and negative – the design is certainly futuristic, but it’s also awkward in a way that it doesn’t need to be. Enclosed-body motorcycle…

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1989 Ferrari F1-89 Formula 1 Car

Ferrari Formula 1 Cars

Car guys all have their own vehicle preferences and aspirations. One of the few aspirations shared by almost all car guys is to own a balls-to-the-wall racing car that would (wife-permitting) be parked in the livingroom during the week, then trailered to the local race track for a little white-knuckle entertainment on weekends. When it…

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Kawasaki Z1

Kawasaki Z1 1

The Kawasaki Z1 is an extraordinary machine that very nearly never made it into production, Kawasaki was famous for their fire-breathing 2-strokes in the 1960s but in order to diversify it was decided that a big 4-stroke would be built. In 1968 the engineers began work on an entirely new inline 4 cylinder, air-cooled engine…

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Audi Quattro – The Official Story


“Audi Quattro – The Official Story” is a look back at the history of Audi’s vitally important all-wheel drive system as documented by Audi themselves. As such it offers previously unseen footage from the very earliest days of Audi’s involvement in motorsports through to their dominant years in international rally competition. If you have even…

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Reading Company’s Crusader Streamliner

Reading Company's Crusader streamliner steam train

The Reading Company’s Crusader Streamliner represents both the pinnacle and the end of steam-powered passenger trains in the United States and much of the rest of the developed world. Two of the stunningly beautiful art deco streamliners were built in 1937 with a series of five streamliner cars, altogether the train consisted of two stainless-steel…

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1971 Lola T260 Can-Am Spyder

Lola T260

The 1971 Lola T260 Can-Am Spyder was a car conceived to take the challenge to the dominant McLarens of the era, Bruce’s bright orange Can-Am cars had convincingly won the 1970 season by taking the chequered flag in 9 of the 10 races – possibly the greatest tribute that could have been made to Bruce…

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Vintage Patent Application Posters


There’s something genuinely magical about patent applications, it’s stunning when you think that the overwhelming majority of world-altering inventions were first proposed in this way – little more than a sketch with notations. This collection of blueprint patent applications is the work of the Oliver Gal collective, each is taken from the original patent application…

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Ejector Seat Man Chair

Hangar 54 Ejector Seat Chair

There are few things more Bond-villainy than a properly intimidating chair, and this one has all the hallmarks of a classic. Made from an original Martin-Baker ejector seat, it was hand-built by the talented team at Hangar 54. They used an original WWII fighter pilot’s jacket for the upholstery and created a solid base from…

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The Musket Royal Enfield V-Twin

Musket Royal Enfield V-Twin  2

The Musket is the motorcycle that Royal Enfield should be building – or at very least the engine that they should have used in the the new Royal Enfield Continental GT cafe racer. It was designed from the outset to use as many stock Enfield parts as possible, with only the only significant new parts…

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Paton S1 Strada

Paton moto motorcycle

The new S1 Strada by Paton is a motorcycle that exudes classic ’60s retro-charm, belying it’s advanced engineering and soon to be tested Isle of Man TT capabilities. Paton was originally founded in 1957 by Giuseppe Pattoni who was the chief mechanic at FB Mondial GP until the team folded, Pattoni set out on his…

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