D-Type Jaguar – Official Drawings

jaguar d type 1954 55 lemans 450x330 - D-Type Jaguar - Official Drawings

Sadly I don’t have any backstory on these drawings, it wasn’t until seeing the overhead shot of the D-Type that I realised how A-symetrical they are. British automotive design at its best, hell I think this looks better than the infamous Jaguar E-Type (Click either image for a full resolution version in a new window.)

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Machine Gun Motorcycle

Machine Gun Motorcycle www.Silodrome.com  450x330 - Machine Gun Motorcycle

In the days before optional ABS and wuss-o-rama-heated-grips they had optional sidecar mounted machine guns. The old days kick ass. I can’t help but think motorists would be far less likely to pull out on front of motorcyclists if these were still fitted. (Click image for high-res version)

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1973 Lamborghini Urraco

7421191 640 01 450x330 - 1973 Lamborghini Urraco

For $17,750 USD this Lamborghini Urraco almost seems too good to be true, that said the Urraco is probably the most affordable member of the Lamborghini family, it’s also one of my favourites due to that classic 70s wedge shape and retro body work. The Urraco was first shown in 1970 at the Turin Auto…

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Norton 650SS Slimline Featherbed

Screen shot 2011 04 29 at 11.19.04 450x330 - Norton 650SS Slimline Featherbed

The Norton 650SS was produced between 1962 and 1967 and despite the fact that it was never as famous as the next Norton, the Commando, this bike had a lot more to do with the Café Racer culture of the 60s. The 649cc twin produces 49hp and in February 1962 Motor Cycling Magazine took one…

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Vintage Crashes – NASCAR Edition

hrdp 1101 15 o+bob dolivio photos 1952 1960+daytona NASCAR race 450x330 - Vintage Crashes - NASCAR Edition

So far as vintage crashes go this one’s a doozy (to use period appropriate phraseology). Daytona International Speedway in early 1960 saw the single largest NASCAR accident in history, 37 cars out of a field of 68 were wrecked and yet amazingly, there were no serious injuries. Switch on your volume to enjoy vintage narration and…

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