The Hell With Work Hip Flask

Gift Hip Flask 450x330 - The Hell With Work Hip Flask

The team at Izola have a special knack for making stuff that I’d commit an armed felony to own. This “The Hell With Work” hip flask is a great example of their gear, it’s made from stainless steel, has a flat bottom and a screw-on cap to keep that sweet, sweet nectar safe.

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iPhone Sleeve by Eatsleeplay

leather iphone case 450x330 - iPhone Sleeve by Eatsleeplay

The only way to own an iPhone and not smash it to bits every time you drop it, which we all do rather often, is to put it in some sort of case. You then face the problem of finding a case that isn’t hideous and won’t make your phone look like a 3rd rate Chinese knock-off.

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Swallow Tee by ODFU

odfu 450x330 - Swallow Tee by ODFU

ODFU is a new clothing label based in England, its founder is a friendly guy by the name of Kevin Wilson who like many of us, loves motorcycles. “ODFU” actually stands for “one down five up” – the transmission layout on a standard motorcycle.

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