Obris Morgan Branco

8 450x330 - Obris Morgan Branco

The Obris Morgan Branco is one of those watches that should probably cost a lot more than it does. Each watch is milled from a single block of titanium, the strap is handmade in Italy, the face is beautifully minimalist and is framed by anti-glare sapphire crystal.

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Devon Tread 1

Devon Tread 1 Watch 450x330 - Devon Tread 1

The Devon Tread 1 is a relatively new watch design by Devon Works, a California based watchmaker with a penchant for unique timepieces. The mechanism tells the time using a series of belts operating on multiple levels, it’s remarkably complex system that’s more than a little mesmerising.

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TRIWA Herr Judit

TRIWA Herr Judit Watches 450x330 - TRIWA Herr Judit

The Herr Judit Automatic is a timepiece developed by TRIWA in collaboration with the legendary vintage shop Herr Judit in Stockholm. The style is classic with a dollop of contemporary and it has a look that will quite literally never go out of style.

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Bell & Ross PW1

Bell Ross PW1 450x330 - Bell & Ross PW1

This beautiful time piece is called the Bell & Ross PW1 and it’s one of their newer creations, it’s a pocket watch in every sense of the word and may very well be the purist distillation of minimalist watch design I’ve ever seen.

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