The Lum-Tec M88 was developed by the family run American-based company to be an exceedingly tough wristwatch that can handle everything from mountain climbing to scuba diving, with water resistance up to 300 meters or almost 1,000 feet.

Just 500 examples of the Lum-Tec M88 will be made, the watch is a halo model from the company featuring a 44mm case made from surgical stainless steel, a Swiss-made Ronda 515 movement, a curved sapphire glass with military-grade AR coating, and both a top-grade leather strap and a rubber strap with matching hardware are included with each watch.

Lum-Tec M88 Watch

Each Lum-Tec M88 is assembled by hand in Ohio, the model has a sunburst pattern sandwich dial and the Quartz movement has an anti-shock mounting system to ensure it can withstand the rigours of heavy duty use.

Quartz movements aren’t considered as desirable as automatic mechanical movements however they are known for their toughness, accuracy, and reliability due to the fact that they’re battery powered electronic movements as opposed to the delicate and precise movements used in more expensive watches that require servicing every few years.

The Lum-Tec M88 has a threaded crown with double diamond seals and a 120 click uni-directional luminous bezel, a solid double diamond sealed threaded caseback, and a custom vintage radium-color lume with high reactivity on both the dial and hands for nighttime visibility.

At the time of writing just four examples of the Lum-Tec M88 are still in stock, they retail for $575 USD through Huckberry with free shipping and free returns.

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