Wood Watch by Slim Timber

wooden watch 450x330 - Wood Watch by Slim Timber

The Wood Watch by Slim Timber is an achievement tried by others in the past, but never to quite this degree of success. Each of the wooden creations is made from stabilised seven-ply maple skateboard wood, the stabilisation is achieved by placing the wood in a partial vacuum which sucks the air out of it, this air is then replaced by resin – making the wood water-resistant and very hard wearing.

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ARCHIMEDE Pilot Chronograph

ARCHIMEDE Pilot Chronograph 450x330 - ARCHIMEDE Pilot Chronograph

The ARCHIMEDE Pilot Chronograph is a modern take on the classic pilot’s chronograph, it’s powered by a Swiss automatic movement (Eta 7750 Elaboré) and the 3 piece stainless steel case is rated to a depth of 50 metres. From a design perspective, the watch has that timeless look about it and will remain entirely unaffected by fads in watchmaking over the coming decades.

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Monaco LS by TAG Heuer

Tag Heuer Monaco Watch 450x330 - Monaco LS by TAG Heuer

The TAG Heuer Monaco is one of those iconic timepieces that even casual fans of horology immediately recognise, the design was first introduced in 1969 to honour the Monaco Grand Prix but it wasn’t until 2 years later when Steve McQueen used one during the filming of the 1971 film “Le Mans” that the popularity of the watch began to take off.

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Bremont ALT1-Z Zulu

Bremont watch ALT1 Z Zulu 450x330 - Bremont ALT1-Z Zulu

Bremont is British watchmaker famous for creating timepieces that can handle staggering extremes in temperature, air pressure and water pressure, one of the models can even handle being ejected out of a U-2 spy plane at 100,000 feet into -40C at 600+mph. This capability becomes immediately useful the next time the mother-in-law comes to visit.

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Worn & Wound Watch Roll

Worn Wound Watch Roll 450x330 - Worn & Wound Watch Roll

The Worn & Wound Watch Roll is the answer to that dilemma you face when travelling with 2 or more wrist watches. Made from 10oz Army Duck Canvas with all pockets and trim constructed from premium brown American leather the watch rolls are each made by hand in New York City.

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