Weiss Field Watch

Weiss Watch 450x330 - Weiss Field Watch

The Weiss Field Watch is the result of a cross-Continental collaboration led by Swiss-trained American watchmaker Cameron Weiss, the watch that bares his name has a mechanical movement (as well as buckles, case-back screws and spring bar screws) from Switzerland, while the case parts, dials, hands, spring bar tools and straps are designed and manufactured in…

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Stradale by Autodromo

Stradale by Autodromo 450x330 - Stradale by Autodromo

The Stradale is a new automatic wristwatch by Autodromo, as with all of the designs from the company the Stradale is designed to evoke the styling queues of dashboard instruments on vintage Italian sports cars. The face of the Stradale is covered with a dome of sapphire crystal, the hour markers sit on a glass…

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The Sicura Instalite

Sicura Instalite 450x330 - The Sicura Instalite

The Sicura Instalite is a watch with an interesting history behind it – it’s the first mechanical wristwatch ever made with a separate electrical system for backlighting. Although you may never have heard of the Sicura before the company is actually closely related to Breitling, in 1979 when Breitling went bankrupt due to the challenge…

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Smith & Wesson Watch by Throne

smith and wesson watch 450x330 - Smith & Wesson Watch by Throne

Smith & Wesson is a company more famous for its firearms than for its timepieces, that said, if you need a watch for active weekends and don’t want to risk your more expensive dress watches this could be the perfect thing to have on your wrist. The one you see here is a vintage model that’s…

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Watch Fold

Watch Fold 3 450x330 - Watch Fold

Watch collecting is a pastime (probably an affliction) that many of us subscribe to, the age of the internet has made it remarkably simple to find and collect interesting time pieces from around the world – the only real problem is what do do with them once you have them. The new Watch Fold by…

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Contatempo Scuderia Dashboard Collection

CT SCUDERIA WATCHES 1 450x330 - Contatempo Scuderia Dashboard Collection

The Contatempo Scuderia Dashboard Collection is a series of Swiss watches designed to evoke the spirit of the original analog dashboard gauges from the golden era of motorsport. Each timepiece has a Val Suisse 3H automatic movement, a stainless steel case, an enamel dial, a sapphire crystal face and a crown positioned at the 6…

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Bell & Ross GMT-TWG

Bell Ross GMT TWG 450x330 - Bell & Ross GMT-TWG

The new Bell & Ross GMT-TWG is a limited edition model that’ll only be sold through online retailer The Watch Gallery, the rather lengthy full-name of the model is Bell & Ross BR03-51 GMT-TWG Limited Edition and the choice to sell it exclusively online through a single retailer offers an interesting look into the shifting…

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Omega Seamaster Bullhead

Omega Seamaster Bullhead Watch 450x330 - Omega Seamaster Bullhead

The Omega Seamaster Bullhead is an unusual offering from the famous Swiss watchmaker, it’s based on the now iconic 1969 Seamaster Bullhead and the two watches share an immediately obvious family resemblance. The original ’69 Bullhead was fitted with a movement that required manual winding and offered twin sub-dials, a date window and a crown at…

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S2000 Supermarine by Bremont

Supermarine Automatic by Bremont 450x330 - S2000 Supermarine by Bremont

The S2000 Supermarine Automatic is a timepiece made by British watchmakers Bremont, remarkably it’s been tested to a depth of 2,000 meters (or 6,560 ft.) without any structural or even superficial damage. It was named for the Supermarine S.6, a pre-WWII single-engined, single-seat racing seaplane built by Supermarine Aviation Works – the same company that would develop the Spitfire…

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