The Lonegrade HDR140 is an elegant American-made watch designed to be both stylish, affordable, and wearable in any environment – from city offices to the wilderness and everywhere in between. The watch has a 40mm brushed 316L stainless steel case with an anti-reflective AR sapphire crystal, it has an American-sourced full grain leather strap, and it’s water resistant to 100 metres.

The movement is a precise ad reliable Swiss-made Ronda Caliber 713 Quartz, it features gold plating, NIHS 91-10 shock resistance, 18.8 Oe magnetic resistance, and a three year battery life. Quartz movements are considerably less expensive than their automatic mechanical counterparts, however they typically offer excellent precision and reliability, and they have minimal maintenance requirements.

Lonegrade HDR140 Watch 1

The Lonegrade HDR140 has a minimalist design atheistic that exudes elegance and hints at a price tag far above the price of $249 USD. The brand name is left off the main dial face but included subtly in the top band of second/minute markings, with “Swiss Movement” along the bottom.

The hour, minute, and second hands of the HDR140 are a little different than usual, the second and minute hands are traditional ticking metallic arms, but the hour hand is actually a rotating disc that turns inside the main face of the watch with a marking to show the time.

Every watch from Lonegrade comes with a 2 year limited warranty that covers any malfunction in materials and workmanship during the warranty period.

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