4Style Leather Duffel Bag by Chivote

Leather Duffel Bag 450x330 - 4Style Leather Duffel Bag by Chivote

The new 4Style Duffel Bag by Chivote is designed to allow owners to wear it as a backpack, shoulder bag, messenger bag or handheld bag – whilst still conforming to the size restrictions most airlines place on carry on luggage. Each bag is made from Italian leather with hand-stitched seams, has a double zip opening…

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Autodromo Driving Gloves

Autodromo Driving Gloves 3 450x330 - Autodromo Driving Gloves

The glove compartment in most modern cars contains little more than a smattering of loose change, some dog-eared insurance documents and a half-eaten, long forgotten pack of Mentos – but it wasn’t always this way. The glove compartment was devised during the heyday of the automobile revolution – when no driver would be caught dead…

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BMW R80/7 Poison Dart

BMW R80 7 Motorcycle 2 450x330 - BMW R80/7 Poison Dart

The BMW R80/7 was built between 1977 and 1984, it was fitted with the 800cc version of the iconic German boxer-twin engine, over the past few decades these engines have become famous for their toughness and longevity – with many of them still running 40+ years after they were first built. This toughness has attracted…

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Ural Sportsman Camp Wandawega Edition

Sportsman 1 450x330 - Ural Sportsman Camp Wandawega Edition

The Ural Sportsman Camp Wandawega Edition is a new-for-2015 model from the iconic sidecar motorcycle manufacturer, it includes a few new features to further increase its toughness over the stock bike, and it comes with the same 2 year, unlimited milage warranty. All of the Ural models come with the same 750cc air-cooled boxer twin,…

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Edwin & Blitz Custom Motorcycle Boots

Grenson x Edwin Blitz Custom Motorcycles 450x330 - Edwin & Blitz Custom Motorcycle Boots

These motorcycle boots are the result of a collaboration between Edwin and Blitz Custom Motorcycles, they’ve been developed to evoke the styling of boots worn by men like T. E. Lawrence in the early days of the motorcycle, so there’s a shifter guard on both feet on the off chance you ride a vintage bike…

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Sibley Canvas Tents

Sibley Canvas Tents 9 450x330 - Sibley Canvas Tents

The Sibley series of canvas bell tents has been featured here on Silodrome a couple of times over the past few years and they’ve always been hugely popular. Sibley use heavy-duty cotton canvas (320 g/m²) in the construction of their tents, and before the tent is made the canvas is impregnated to proof it against…

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Simpson Street Bandit Helmet

Simpson Street Bandit Helmet 450x330 - Simpson Street Bandit Helmet

The Simpson Street Bandit Helmet is one of those instantly recognisable designs that’s been worn by drivers in almost every form of motor racing you can think of, from professional drag racing to amateur rallycross and everything in between. The version of the Street Bandit Helmet you see here has been developed for motorcyclists and it…

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Easy Rider Wallpapers

Easy Rider Wallpapers 450x330 - Easy Rider Wallpapers

There are few films that capture the independent spirit of the Americans better than Easy Rider, a 1969 cult classic starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson – with Phil Spector getting a look in too. I’ve had these images on file for a while and the 4th of July – American Independence Day…

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70s Singlefin by Kun_tiqi Surfboards

70s Singlefin by Kuntiqi Surfboards 450x330 - 70s Singlefin by Kun_tiqi Surfboards

The 70s Singlefin by Kun_tiqi Surfboards is a great example of what modern surfboards would look like if materials like expanded polystyrene had never been invented. It uses a core of balsa wood with a hardwood stringer, and a hardwood tip and tail, the board is then layered with fibreglass for strength and longevity. Kun_tiqi…

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BMW R80 RT by Ton Up Garage

BMW R80 Motorcycle 1 450x330 - BMW R80 RT  by Ton Up Garage

The BMW R80 RT was built between 1982 and 1995, with the Monolever version that you see here running from 1984 onwards. The “Monolever” designation referenced the model’s single-sided swing arm – a relative rarity in the mid-80s that helped reduce unsprung weight. Both the R80 RT and the R100 RT shared pretty much everything…

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American Deluxe Fender Telecaster

American Deluxe Fender Telecaster 450x330 - American Deluxe Fender Telecaster

The American Deluxe Fender Telecaster is a modern version of one of the most famous guitars in history, the ash-bodied electric guitar was first released in 1950 and it was the world’s first commercial solid-body, single-cutaway electric guitar. The sound created by the Telecaster was unlike anything else, it’s widely credited with helping to shape…

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