The Premier MX LC 8 is a helmet designed to modern safety specifications with a retro look that’ll appeal to anyone who rides a vintage or modern classic motorcycle – particularly anything of the scrambler or off-road variety.

Premier is an Italian company known for excellent build quality, the MX LC 8 complies with European safety certification ECE/ONU R22.05 and can be worn anywhere this standard is accepted. The outer shell is made from a blend of carbon fiber, aramid fiber,Dyneema and fiberglass reinforced with epoxy, the inner shell is EPS, and it has an anti-allergenic synthetic leather lining.

Sizes are available from S through to XL, and you can choose from either white or back color schemes. If you don’t live in Europe, be sure to check your local laws regarding helmet use before buying to make sure you stay on the right side of Highway Patrol.

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