The Pendulux Altimeter Table Clock

Pendulux Altimeter Table Clock

The Pendulux Altimeter Table Clock looks like it was pulled from the cockpit of a military surplus B-17 bomber in the years after WW2, but in reality it’s a brand new clock made from cast aluminium alloy, brass, and glass. With a hefty weight of 1.6 lbs, the Pendulux clock isn’t a lightweight. The team…

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Tamiya Land Rover Defender 1:10 Scale R/C Model Kit

This Land Rover Defender 1:10 scale remote control model from Tamiya sits on a full four-wheel drive chassis with lockable differentials, oil-filled coil over dampers on all four corners, a live rear axle, and independent front suspension. The Land Rover Defender is a 4×4 that needs no introduction, it’s a descendant of the original Series…

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The Original Petromax Lantern HK500

Petromax Lantern HK500

The original Petromax lantern was designed in 1910 in Germany by Max Graetz, the name of the lantern is a combination of “petrol” and “Max” a reference to its fuel source and its creator. Graetz developed the lantern based on principles that were already well-understood at the time, he differentiated his lantern from its competitors by…

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A Complete Toolkit For A Ferrari 275 GTB – $9,000 USD

Ferrari 275 GTB Tool Kit

This is a complete, original toolkit for a Ferrari 275 GTB and as you can tell, the Ferrari factory didn’t skimp on the essentials when putting it together. The kit contains a set of wrenches and screwdrivers, and a special wrench for adjusting the carburetors. Toolkits like this are highly desirable as they’re an absolute essential…

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