This is the new R/C Ford Bronco from famed automotive model company Tamiya, it’s a large 1/10th scale kit that builds a complete four-wheel drive Bronco modeled on the special “First Edition” version from 2021.

The New Ford Bronco

When the all-new Ford Bronco was released for the 2021 model year it lit up the motoring corner of the internet like burning thermite. The retro design was widely loved, it was clearly going to have excellent chops off road, and the price made it just as affordable as a Jeep Wrangler – its key competitor.

Since its release the new Bronco has been selling well, it’s becoming a more common sight on the road, and perhaps most interestingly it seems to be a popular personal car purchase for a number of motoring journalists.

Tamiya Ford Bronco 3

Image DescriptionThe attention to detail on the model is fantastic, with many small parts being individually moulded and painted in the interest of realism.

Among the many versions of the Bronco on offer in the first year, the most desirable for many people was the “First Edition” version. Just 7,000 were made so numbers were limited, and the Ford Edition Bronco sold out relatively quickly.

The reason the First Edition was so in-demand was that it essentially rolled together many of the most desirable features of the various packages on offer. It came with the mechanicals of a Badlands, the interior of an Outer Banks, and the exterior of a Wildtrak to create what many consider to be the ultimate modern Bronco.

The 1/10th Scale Tamiya R/C 4×4 Bronco

After the release of the new Ford Bronco is was only a matter of time before legendary Japanese model and R/C car manufacturer created their own scale version of it, and they certainly haven’t disappointed.

Above Video: This short film from Tamiya shows the R/C Bronco being driven off-road, it also includes some highlights of its various features.

Thanks to the 1/10th scale it measures in at a hefty 447mm long, 204mm wide, and 233mm high, with a 252mm wheelbase. That works out to a length/width/height of 17.6″/8.0″/9.17″ in the old numbers.

The Tamiya Bronco is based on the popular CC-02 4×4 chassis, it has a ladder frame design, much like the full sized vehicles it emulates, with live axles front and rear, an electric motor mounted behind the front axle, and a central transmission that sends power to the front and rear differentials.

The body is made from 1.2mm thick polycarbonate and it comes with a slew of carefully designed parts to further increase realism, like grilles, mirrors, the spare tire cover, door handles, 12 spoke black wheels, chunky semi-pneumatic rubber tires, and a removable roof rack.

Tamiya Ford Bronco

Image DescriptionAt 1/10th scale, the Tamiya Ford Bronco measures in at 455 mm long, that’s almost 18 inches.

A with almost all Tamiya R/C vehicles, this one comes in kit form with the buyer doing the assembly at home. For most people this building process is the most rewarding part of the experience.

It does require few additional parts if you want to drive it, things like the two-channel radio, steering servo, 7.2 volt battery with a compatible charger, and the Tamiya PS polycarbonate paint, however all of this is available to buy from Tamiya.

The good news is that the model looks fantastic, the bad news is that it’s so new you still can’t actually buy it – but you can sign up for a notification from Tamiya when it’s ready.

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