This coffee table is made from a Formula 1 wheel, an OZ wheel in this case, and a specially developed show tire made to look exactly like the Pirelli super soft with the characteristic red logo on the side wall.

The tires used are the official FIA approved Pirelli show car tires used on the F1 cars when they’re on display, they’re designed to be much longer lasting than the race tires.

Each of these tables has a 10mm acrylic top which rests on the tire, it can be easily lifted up and removed for showcasing the wheel and tire if you should so wish. The table is ideally suited for use as a coffee table or small bar table, or alternatively as a piece of room decoration.

OZ Rim

New wheel and tire sizes come into use in the 2021 Formula 1 season – the wheels will be much larger in diameter (18″ as opposed to 13″) and they’ll be fitted with lower profile tires, more in line with the wheels and tires used on modern production vehicles.

The OZ wheel is an Italian-made, ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy with nine spokes, and a centre hub for the lock nut.

As is the case with everything to do with F1, these tables don’t come cheap, they cost £2,495 each and you can choose between the white, yellow, and red sidewall versions.

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