Standard Issue Instruments Field Navigator Watch

Standard Issue Instruments Pilot Mission Timer Watch 450x330 - Standard Issue Instruments Field Navigator Watch

The Field Navigator Watch by Standard Issue Instruments is a refreshingly unbranded, minimalist wristwatch developed for use in the great outdoors, or in situations when you probably don’t want to be wearing your Bremont Alt1-B. Each Field Navigator is water-resistant to 100 metres (330 feet) and has a case made from surgical grade 316L stainless…

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Two Stroke Smoke Candle by Flying Tiger Motorcycles

Two Stroke Candle 450x330 - Two Stroke Smoke Candle by Flying Tiger Motorcycles

Men and scented candles are two things that don’t often spend much time together, but that might all be about to change thanks to an innovation by Flying Tiger Motorcycles. They describe it as a “Super awesome custom blended 2 stroke smoke candle. It’s made with real live 2 stroke oil with high-octane fragrance” which…

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Horse Brand Company Naval Knife

Horse Brand Company Naval Knife copy 450x330 - Horse Brand Company Naval Knife

The Naval Knife by the Horse Brand Company has been developed in the style of the knives used by Scandinavian sailors and naval men. It has a 440C stainless steel blade paired with a solid brass handle, offering extremely effective corrosion resistance, and the brass is attached via a hard-wearing lead free silver solder. The…

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Waterproof iPhone Handlebar Case

Interphone Waterproof iPhone Handlebar Case 450x330 - Waterproof iPhone Handlebar Case

Taking a motorcycle on a cross-country trip and not getting lost three corners into the journey is something I personally think may be impossible. Or at the very least, mathematically improbable. In a car it’s always possible to have a map handy but on a motorcycle you’re restricted to strapping a map to your forearm…

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VSSL Survival Flashlight

VSSL Supplies 450x330 - VSSL Survival Flashlight

VSSL took a standard camping flashlight and realised there was a lot of space to be saved by replacing the traditional bulb with a series of low energy, high output LEDs. The resulting light offered better battery life from far less batteries – opening up a lot of storage space in the flashlight’s tube. Rather…

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Autodromo Group B Watch

Autodromo Group B Watch 450x330 - Autodromo Group B Watch

Autodromo released the Group B Watch today as part of a collection inspired by the gold age of rally – an age that was characterised by 1000hp turbo monsters that had an unfortunate propensity for killing drivers and spectators alike. The Autodromo Group B Watch uses the highly-regarded Miyota 9015 3-hand automatic movement, the case is…

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Everyman Grafton Pen

Everyman Grafton Pen  450x330 - Everyman Grafton Pen

The Grafton Pen is a new design by Everyman, an American company quickly making a name for themselves by producing EDC items developed to the Buy-It-For-Life philosophy. Their latest creation is an anodised aluminium pen designed to take Pilot G2 or the famous Fisher Space Pen refills – the latter of which allows it to…

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Jerry Can Hip Flask

Jerry Can Hip Flask 450x330 - Jerry Can Hip Flask

The Jerry Can Hip Flask is such a simple and obvious idea that I’m a little annoyed at myself for not having come up with it years ago. Each of these flasks is based on the design of the original German Jerry Can that pre-dates WWII, but it’s been sized down to hold 6 ounces…

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Provo River Fishing Co. Fly Fishing Wallet

Fly Fishing Wallet 5 450x330 - Provo River Fishing Co. Fly Fishing Wallet

Fly Fishing has been around for at least 2000 years, it was described by the Roman Claudius Aeolians in 200 AD, but there are indications that it had already been around for hundreds of years by this point – and some believe it could go back quite a bit further still. At its heart, fly fishing…

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Hobo Nickel Ring

Hobo Nickel Ring 450x330 - Hobo Nickel Ring

The Hobo Nickel is the American version of an art form that began to appear in the mid-1700s as sailors, travellers and railwaymen whiled away the hours by carving their coins into miniature works of art. This series of rings by Silver Piston feature a hand-carved Dias de los Muertos Indian head in the style…

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Scrimshaw Knife Kit

Scrimshaw Knife Kit 450x330 - Scrimshaw Knife Kit

The Scrimshaw Knife Kit by Mollyjogger is an all inclusive package to try your hand at scrimshaw etching – a unique art form that began during the heyday of the whaling era of the 1700s. This kit contains a 4 1/8” Trapper Knife, a hardened steel scribe, 1/2 dram of India ink, a bamboo tracing…

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Shinola Runwell Sport Chrono

Shinola Runwell Sport Chrono 450x330 - Shinola Runwell Sport Chrono

Shinola was founded in 2011 with the goal of bringing watchmaking back to the USA. Over the past few years they produced a series of distinctive watches, one of the more recent additions to the range is the Runwell Sport Chrono. Each Runwell Sport Chrono uses an Argonite 5050 quartz movement, hand-assembled from 103 Swiss-made…

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