The Peloton Asphalt Motorcycle Backpack

The Peloton Asphalt Motorcycle Backpack 450x330 - The Peloton Asphalt Motorcycle Backpack

The Peloton Asphalt is a new motorcycle backpack developed as a collaboration between Thrive Motorcycle and Life Behind Bars. It’s been designed as a bag that can be used everyday, and then extended for use on road trips and weekends away. In daily mode it has a capacity of 34 litres, and in adventure mode…

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Rolex Daytona Red by Bamford

Rolex Daytona Red by Bamford 450x330 - Rolex Daytona Red by Bamford

Bamford is to watches what AMG is to Mercedes-Benz, or what M is to BMW. They’re a division of chronograph performance enthusiasts who take an original item, and modify it – some might even go so far as to say they make it better. Each Bamford-modified watch comes with its own 5 year warranty, not…

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Small Batch Supply Co. 2 Pocket Wallet

Small Batch Supply Co. 2 Pocket Wallet 8 450x330 - Small Batch Supply Co. 2 Pocket Wallet

The 2 Pocket Wallet by Small Batch Supply Co. is designed as a minimalist wallet that’s just a little bit larger than the average wallet in the genre. The card pocket can hold up to 5 full-sized bank cards and the billfold pocket can hold more than enough cash to get you into trouble on…

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Plane Weekend Bag

Plane Weekend Bag 1 450x330 - Plane Weekend Bag

Plane is a new company based in Great Britain that builds tough, high-end bags from repurposed aircraft seat materials. These aeronautical textiles have been developed to be exceedingly hard-wearing, flame proof, stain proof, and lightweight – making them ideal for use in travel bags. The Weekend Bag comes in two styles, one is plain blue…

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Survival Belt

Survival Belt Main 450x330 - Survival Belt

The Survival Belt by SlideBelts is a survival tool that’ll also hold up your jeans – the buckle contains a locking/folding titanium nitride coated AUS-8 stainless steel blade, a ferrocreium rod fire starter, an LED flashlight, and a bottle opener. The belt can be ordered in black, olive drab, desert tan, and classic brown, the maximum…

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Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves

Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves 450x330 - Autodromo Stringback Driving Gloves

Driving gloves were and still are an essential piece of kit for any competitive driver, events like the original Mille Miglia would often stretch to over 20 hours of driving after which a wooden steering wheel would have wreaked havoc on bare hands. This pair of gloves by Autodromo have a 100% cotton crochet back…

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The County Knife By James

The County Knife By James 450x330 - The County Knife By James

The County Knife By James was designed as a minimalist everyday carry knife suitable for those who work or live in environments where the carrying of larger knives is frowned upon or banned entirely. It has a blade length of 2.5 inches, which means it won’t create a bulge or weigh down your pockets, it’s…

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The USB Charging Barebones Canyon Lantern

Barebones Canyon Lantern 450x330 - The USB Charging Barebones Canyon Lantern

The Barebones Canyon Lantern is a lithium-ion powered LED lantern that can provide both directional and ambient light – thanks to its extensible front lens. It’s also capable of recharging your electronic devices on the go thanks to its USB port, which is used to recharge its own battery or to top up the battery…

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Iron & Glory Hip Flask

hip flask stainless steel 450x330 - Iron & Glory Hip Flask

The hip flask is an essential item for any gentleperson’s top drawer. They come in handy at weddings, funerals, christenings, bar mitzvahs, and Monday afternoons. This stainless steel flask by Iron & Glory has a capacity of 6 ounces, a height/width of 4 inches, and they can be ordered with a range of engravings, including…

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Dovo Inox Full Hollow Straight Razor

Dovo Inox Full Hollow Straight Razor 450x330 - Dovo Inox Full Hollow Straight Razor

The Dovo Inox full hollow straight razor is a fantastic alternative to whatever the latest and greatest multi-blade safety razor from Gilette happens to be – and the straight razor will never need absurdly priced refills (just the occasional sharpening). With an olive wood handle and a blade made from high carbon steel with 24k…

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Velomacchi Speedway Gloves

Velomacchi Speedway Gloves 450x330 - Velomacchi Speedway Gloves

Velomacchi’s Speedway Gloves have been designed to showcase the style of the classic flat track and road racing gloves from the 1970s – worn by the likes of Kenny Roberts, Eddie Lawson, and Ray Carroll. Each glove has a deerskin palm for dexterity and finer sensitivity, with a goatskin exterior for abrasion protection, the finger…

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Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph

Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph 450x330 - Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph

The Autodromo Prototype Chronograph is a classically styled wristwatch designed as a successor to the iconic timepieces used by racing drivers in the 1960s and 1970s. Autodromo chose to use the exceedingly accurate Seiko hybrid mech-quartz movement due to the importance of accurate timekeeping and reliability in the rough and tumble world of motor racing….

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