Hudson-Powered American Racer

Vintage Racing Car

Pre-WWII motor racing is a passion of mine, and it’s a passion shared by many. There’s something approachable about the engineering that went into the cars of the pre-1939 era – many of them can be repaired with little more than a large hammer and an empty Brylcreem tin. This particular car is a custom racer…

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Norton Commando by NYC Norton

Norton Commando Motorbike 6

The Norton Commando is a motorcycle that probably shouldn’t have been as successful as it was. It was released in 1968 using a parallel twin that was originally introduced in 1949, this engine was called the Atlas and it was remarkable for a few reasons – perhaps none more so than for the fact that…

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Porsche 912


The Porsche 912 was developed and produced as almost an afterthought by the Stuttgart-based automobile manufacturer, the out-going Porsche 356 had been priced about $2000 lower than the new Porsche 911 – and the bean-counters were worried that this price difference would shrink the market for Porsche by a considerable margin. Released in 1965, the…

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Top 5 Weird and Wonderful Motorcycles On eBay This Week

Honda Custom Motorcycle

This week we have roughly equal parts weird and wonderful, including a motorcycle formerly owned by Nicholas Cage and a 1 of 700 Free-way by HM Vehicles – which we only very rarely see come up for sale on eBay.

The Free-way was sold between 1979 and 1982, with the factory offering it with a 12 or 16 horsepower gasoline motor, or a 4 horsepower electric motor. Looking back on the designs now, they were clearly ahead of their time – especially with the electric drivetrain option.

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1989 BMW M3

BMW M3 E30 4

The BMW E30 was the first car to be adorned with the tri-colour M3 badge, it first appeared in 1985 and quickly found its way to the top of the leaderboard in many international racing series, as well as the top of the want-list for many young men – including me. One of the most…

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Chevrolet CERV I


It’s difficult to adequately explain how important the CERV was to the development of the Corvette, and to the American automotive industry as a whole. The CERV acronym stands for Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle, and it was essentially a test bed for Zora Arkus-Duntov to experiment with new technologies that would eventually make their way…

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1964 Road America 500

Ferrari 250 LM

The Road America 500 was first held in 1950, and in 1951 it was added to the SCCA National Sports Car Championship. After the tragic spectator death at the 1952 Watkins Glen Grand Prix, racing on open roads became far less commonplace and the Road America race went into hiatus until 1955, when organisers opened…

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Allard K3


Sydney Allard produced 7 cars over the short 13 year lifespan of the company, and it’s entirely possible that you’ve never heard of the Allard Motor Company Limited, but its influence has been hugely significant to the world of 20th and 21st century sports cars. Sydney’s most important decision was to take a large American…

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