1958 Riva Tritone “Via”

Riva Boat

The Tritone is a mahogany runabout that first entered production in 1950 by Riva, a company that had been founded 104 years earlier in 1846. The Tritone would represent the new top of the line for the company’s models and each would be built to customer specification, with each customer invariably being royalty, celebrity or…

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The 1959 Alpine Rally

Alpine Rally

The Alpine Rally was run between 1932 and 1971 and occupied a hallowed place on the international motorsport calendar alongside races like the Targa Florio and Mille Miglia, the 1959 rally was close to the golden age for the race that dashed through treacherous mountain passes between Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. The danger of racing…

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Reading Company’s Crusader Streamliner

Reading Company's Crusader streamliner steam train

The Reading Company’s Crusader Streamliner represents both the pinnacle and the end of steam-powered passenger trains in the United States and much of the rest of the developed world. Two of the stunningly beautiful art deco streamliners were built in 1937 with a series of five streamliner cars, altogether the train consisted of two stainless-steel…

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Cosmonaut Survival Machete


It isn’t every day you get the chance to buy an original Soviet Cosmonaut Survival Machete but I’m here to tell you that today is just such a day. Or more accurately, such a day will happen on the 8th of April at the Bonhams Space History Sale in New York. All Soviet cosmonauts were…

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M37 Howitzer Tank

M37 Tank

It isn’t every day you get the chance to buy a fully functioning M37 Tank with a 105mm Howitzer and a .50cal M2HB machine gun – both of which are 100% operational. The idea of owning a mobile Howitzer will be immediately attractive to anyone who finds the steering wheel mounted horn insufficient when dealing…

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The Armstrong 500 – 1965

The Armstrong 500

The 1965 Armstrong 500 was the sixth running of the event, an early precursor to the modern day Bathurst 1000. 1965 was the first year that non-Australian assembled cars were permitted to enter (so long as at least 250 of them had been road registered in the country), the race was separated into classes A,…

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Vintage Enduro Collection

vintage enduro motorcycle

Click here to see the full Vintage Enduro Collection. I spent most of yesterday afternoon trawling through hundreds of listings on eBay Motors to compile a Collection of what I think are the most interesting 22 enduro/scrambler/off-road motorcycles currently for sale. It’s surprising to see how many of these vintage bikes have been restored and/or properly…

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Supercharged: Grand Prix Cars 1924-1939

Manfred von Brauchitsch is airborne in his Mercedes Benz at Melbourne Rise. Donington Grand Prix.

Warning: This film contains graphic racing accident footage including 2-3 probable fatalities, don’t click the play button if you’re likely to find that upsetting. Supercharged: Grand Prix Cars 1924-1939 is a vintage film that covers some of the formative years of Grand Prix racing, it’s a fascinating look at some of the most technologically advanced…

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1956 Austin-Healey 100M

1956 Austin-Healey 100M

The Austin-Healey 100M is a car that occupies a place very high on the acquisition list for any serious vintage car collector, only 640 100Ms were made between September the 5th 1955 and July the 16th 1956 – these original Healeys are now amongst the most sought after post-war British cars in existence. The “M”…

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Car Crash: The DeLorean Story

The DeLorean Story

The story of John DeLorean and his now infamous DeLorean Motor Corporation seems almost too Hollywood scripted to be even remotely plausible. The youngest ever division head at GM had decided to go it alone and create an all-new automobile manufacturer to build an all-new car – the now iconic steel DMC-12. What happened next has all the hallmarks…

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