1962 Chevrolet Corvette


1962 was to be the last year for the C1 Chevrolet Corvette before the introduction of its replacement – Chevrolet chose to send it off with a bang by including a 327 cubic inch V8 in the options list, with a further option to add Rochester Ramjet fuel-injection that boosted output from 250hp to an…

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Automobile Shippers Special Indy Roadster


The Automobile Shippers Special was built in 1948 on a Russ Snowberger chassis with a V16 engine that had been built from components acquired from Harry Miller – the complexities of the V16 proved too unreliable so the new racing team switched it out for an advanced 270 cubic inch DOHC inline 4-cylinder Offenhauser engine…

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Ferrari 275 GTB


The Ferrari 275 GTB was the much anticipated replacement to the iconic Ferrari’s 250 series, it was akin to being the singer who had to go on immediately after Aretha Franklin, but the 275 GTB managed it with aplomb. As Ferrari’s new Grand Turismo, much effort was expended improving and modernising the car’s underpinnings, it…

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Avro Lancaster Cutaway Wallpaper

Avro Lancaster Cutaway

The Avro Lancaster is a heavy bomber developed by the British during the Second World War and built in very large numbers – 7,377 had taken to the skies by the time the Avro Lincoln replaced it. The overwhelming majority of Lancasters were powered by four Rolls-Royce Merlin engines – arguably one of the best aero-engines…

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Datsun 240Z V8

Datsun 240Z

The Datsun 240Z was an exceedingly important car for Datsun, the automaker saw the need for a halo-car that would help shift the brand’s image away from just being just another Japanese econobox manufacturer. The team behind the Z took inspiration from two of the most famous sports cars in the world at the time:…

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Top 14 Cars Of 2014


2014 has been an extraordinary time for classic cars, a slew of new records were set for cars at auction and the market for iconic cars like the Porsche 911 and Jaguar E-Type show no signs of slowing down. This list of top 14 cars of 2014 is compiled using raw website traffic data as…

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No Margin For Error

Pikes Peak Race

No Margin For Error is a 10 minute mini-documentary covering the 1957 Pikes Peak Race, it was produced by Socony Mobil as a promotional piece but it stands today as one of the best films about the 1957 Pikes Peak we’ve come across.

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Top 5 Cafe Racers on eBay This Week

Ducati 860GT

It’s interesting to see the way the seasons affect the style of motorcycles we find on eBay, during the winter the number of project bikes tends to increase and although the overall volume of bikes being sold decreases, the variety seems to increase. This week we found a sub-$10,000 Triton (a rare thing these days),…

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