Top 5 Vintage Motorcycles On eBay This Week

Moonrise Kingdom Motorcycle

There’s quite a bit out there in the vintage section of eBay Motors this week, and we came across another movie bike – somewhat impressively this one has been ridden by Bill Murray. Picking out a personal favourite this week wasn’t hard at all, largely because I can quite clearly visualise myself pootling around town…

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Jaguar E-Type Competition Coupé

Jaguar E-Type Car

The Jaguar E-Type was never really intended for racing, despite the fact that it shared many design queues with the D-Type – its elder sibling and a car renowned for its racing prowess. Jaguar did build 12 lightweight aluminium race cars with bespoke bodies and highly tuned engines, but racing technology had moved on significantly…

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Pegaso Z-102 by Touring


The Pegaso Z-102 was a technologically advanced sports car built by the Spanish in a truck factory between 1951 and 1958. It’s difficult to know exactly how the Z-102 managed to get approved by the accounts department in the Pegaso factory, but the fact that the chief technical manager of the company was Wilfredo Ricard –…

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Nissan Fairlady Z 432

Nissan Fairlady Z 432 3

The Nissan Fairlady Z 432 sits alongside other Japanese icons like the Toyota 2000GT and the original Nissan Skyline GT-R as seriously collectible and rapidly appreciating motor cars. The emergence of vintage Japanese machines onto the global market has been a long time coming, but the past two years have seen some of the rarer…

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BMW 507 Roadster

BMW 507

The BMW 507 Roadster is very possibly the most beautiful car that almost killed its maker. The basic concept of the car had been suggested by Max Hoffman in the mid-1950s as a model to fill a new niche between the high-end Mercedes-Benz 300SL and the far less expensive MGs, Triumphs and Healeys. Hoffman had suggested to…

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1957 Chevrolet “Black Widow” Racer

1957 Chevrolet Black Widow 1

The 1957 Chevrolet “Black Widow” is a car that was developed in the shadows of a looming ban on auto racing in the United States, after the horrific Le Mans disaster in 1955 that claimed the lives of over 80 spectators, and injured 120. Many of the largest automakers had led the way in calling for…

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1986 Ford RS200


The Ford RS200 rose from the ashes of the ill-fated Escort RS 1700T project – after a successful rally programme based around the earlier Escorts, Ford knew it needed a revolutionary new car to compete with the likes of Audi, Peugeot and Renault. By the early 1980s it had become clearly evident that the only…

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Doryu 2-16 Gun Camera

Doryu 2-16 Gun Camera

The Doryu Camera Company developed two generations of pistol cameras for police and surveillance tasks – although exactly why the police would need a camera that looks like a semi-automatic handgun is lost on me. This is the 16mm version of the model, called the Doryu 2-16. It has an f/5.6 30mm lens and comes…

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1981 BMW M1


The BMW M1 was a radical departure from business as usual for BMW, famous at the time for building more practical cars the M1 was a dynamic Giugiaro-designed supercar that could rub shoulders with the best of them. The M1 began production in 1978 after a period of turmoil surrounding a partnership between BMW and…

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1969 De Tomaso Mangusta


The De Tomaso Mangusta was famously named after the Mongoose – the only animal that hunts and kills cobras. It’s widely thought that the name was a friendly jab at Carroll Shelby, whose AC Cobra had become the most famous (and successful) example of a European car with an American V8. Alejandro de Tomaso was…

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