1971 Ferrari Dino 246 GT

Ferrari Dino 246 GT 6 450x330 - 1971 Ferrari Dino 246 GT

The Ferrari Dino 246 GT occupies a prominent position within every true car aficionado’s Top 10 list, it was Ferrari’s first ever mid-engined car and it went on to set the stage for almost every Ferrari that would follow. Enzo Ferrari was famously reticent to produce a mid-engined car, it was rapidly becoming the trend in…

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Goldeneye Aston Martin vs Ferrari Chase

goldeneye car 450x330 - Goldeneye Aston Martin vs Ferrari Chase

I still rate Goldeneye as one of the best of the modern Bond films, I know that’s a big claim but I think the Brosnan Bond movies got a little carried away towards the end with Die Another Day being a hideous travesty that I still think should be recalled, stockpiled and napalmed.

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The Ferrari Modulo

Ferrari Modulo 71 450x330 - The Ferrari Modulo

The Ferrari Modulo was created by iconic automotive design firm Pininfarina in 1970 on commission from Ferrari, Ferrari at the time had a number of left over 512 S models that it couldn’t sell (or race) and so they gave one to Pininfarina and essentially said “make something wonderful”.

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The $275,000 Ferrari Book

ferrari diamanti edition opus2 450x330 - The $275,000 Ferrari Book

Yes you read that right, book, not car. This diamond encrusted book is called “The Official Ferrari Opus” and it comes in at more than the cost of an actual honest-to-goodness Ferrari. You’d have to really, really like reading to drop over a quarter of a million on this page turner, either that or you really…

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