1971 Ferrari Dino 246 GT

The Ferrari Dino 246 GT occupies a prominent position within every true car aficionado’s Top 10 list, it was Ferrari’s first ever mid-engined car and it went on to set the stage for almost every Ferrari that would follow.

Enzo Ferrari was famously reticent to produce a mid-engined car, it was rapidly becoming the trend in the 1960s and it wasn’t until his favourite designer Sergio Pininfarina and a number of prominent international Ferrari dealers pushed him on the subject that he finally agreed. The new car would be known as the “Dino” and interestingly, would not bear a single Ferrari badge anywhere on it’s body. It was Enzo’s desire to honour his late son Dino with his very own car, making the Ferrari Dino a sentimental favourite of many.

This Dino 246 GT is a 1971 model, it’s fitted with a 195 bhp, 2,418cc DOHC V-6 engine, 5-speed manual transaxle, unequal length A-arm front and rear suspension with coil-over springs, anti-roll bars, a tubular steel chassis with fully independent suspension and front/rear disc brakes. From a purely performance aspect, the Dino was a lightweight rocket-ship with handling to match, it has a top speed of almost 150mph and is almost certainly the best car in the world for northern Italy’s winding mountain roads.

This particular Dino is heading to the auction block with RM Auctions at the London Sale on the 31st of October, with an estimated sale price of £160,000-£200,000. This price point means that it’s entirely affordable if you don’t mind selling the house and moving the Mrs and Kids into the Dino’s passenger seat.

Photo Credits: Tom Wood ©2012 Courtesy of RM Auctions

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