The $275,000 Ferrari Book

Yes you read that right, book, not car. This diamond encrusted book is called “The Official Ferrari Opus” and it comes in at more than the cost of an actual honest-to-goodness Ferrari. You’d have to really, really like reading to drop over a quarter of a million on this page turner, either that or you really love your private library.

“Opus is not a book; it’s a concerto. It’s a triumphant opera whose score is made up of cars, technology, history and achievements, and whose heroes will live on forever. Opus, like Ferrari, is a unique experience.” – Ferrari spokesman –

The book/opus is 852 pages long and weighs in at a hefty 37kgs (81lbs), it contains over 200,000 words and 2,000 images as well as the details of every car Ferrari has ever produced. The cover features a Ferrari logo that is constructed from 30 rare white diamonds and sits on a handmade red leather cover.

The first copy of the Opus will travel the world being signed by famous racing drivers and then be auctioned in Maranello, with all proceeds going to charity.

Via Motorsport Retro

Published by Ben Branch -