The Speed and Strength War Path Vest was developed to offer an essential layer of protection for motorcyclists when they’re not wearing a more traditional armored jacket. Vests like this are also often worn by riders under their normal, non-armored jackets to provide some additional impact protection.

The team at Speed and Strength make each vest around a tri-composite Fierce™ Mesh, polyurethane, and Flex Foam frame. Injection molded spine and chest armor is fitted front and back in the two most common impact points as it offers the best balance between low weight and excellent collision protection.

Lockdown™ waist and shoulder adjusters are fitted to each side ensuring you can strap the vest down firmly and get a perfectly tailored fit to ensure no slippage or air gaps around your torso. The vest comes in sizes from XS-SM, MD-LG, to XL-2XL and any color you like as long as it’s black.

During the summer months we always see an increase in the number of people riding without a jacket due to the heat, vests like this offer an alternative to people who won’t wear a jacket (still the best option) but want to protect their back and chest should the worst happen.

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