This helmet is a collaborative design by Veldt and CRD – otherwise known as Cafe Racer Dreams. CRD is one of the top custom motorcycle builders in Europe and one of the most influential in the world, more recently they began building custom cars – specifically Porsche 911s.

Veldt is the only motorcycle company based in the Isle of Man, a major spiritual home of motorcycle road racing. All of their helmets are made from high-quality Japanese carbon fibre with leather linings from Portugal, they can be ordered in either full face or open face designs, with or without flip up shields or visors, and they all come with a full five year warranty.

Veldt x CRD Helmet 1

The Veldt x CRD helmet features a bespoke, limited edition paint scheme by CRD. Just 50 of these will be built before the design is permanently retired.

Under the paint you’ll find a full carbon fibre shell and chin guard, the helmet uses all gunmetal parts including nut rivets and screws for accessories. The helmet is secured with an industry standard double-D ring, and it has rubber trim, a black calf leather lining, a black visor and clear visor, and aeration grooves in the chin guard and across the top.

Sizing ranges from XS to XXL and you can choose between DOT (USA) and ECE 22-05 (Europe) safety standard markings. Impressively the helmet tips the scales at just 1,100 grams.

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