This is the new Alpinestars Bionic Action Chest + Back Protector, it features “Cell Technology” chest and back protection plates backed with bio foam to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Unlike most armoured motorcycle vests on the market this one from Alpinestars has excellent ventilation thanks to the open cell honeycomb-like design of the plates which ensures excellent airflow. This makes it ideal for use during the warmer months when regular armoured vests can cause overheating – particularly in heavy, slow moving traffic.

The team at Alpinestarts designed the Bionic Action Protector to be used in a variety of applications, from motocross racing to regular street riding. The vest has a low profile design so it’ll fit neatly under your jacket and provide a significant boost in impact protection.

Alpinestars Bionic Action Protector Back

The chest and back protectors feature an all-new triple layer design with a thermoformed padded chassis for optimized comfort and close fit. The vest has a new elastic closure system allowing it to fit a wide range of bodies, and it also comes in two main size variants to ensure a perfect fit.

Armoured vests like this have seen a surge in popularity in recent years as they’re quick to put on and can sometimes offer better chest and back protection than an armoured jacket – due to their tight fitting nature and the lack of a need for a pants connector to stop them sliding up in an accident.

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