This is the DMD Oro Stoccolma motorcycle helmet, it’s part of a the new “Oro” series from the Italian company that features a full carbon kevlar shell and an interior lines with Italian leather and shalimar trim.

DMD has always specialized in making motorcycle helmets with classic styling, while they look like NOS from the 1970s they’re all made from modern materials, and they all pass the stringent European ECE 22.05 safety standard.

Based in Bergamo, Italy, DMD is a family owned helmet maker founded by an Italian enduro rider named Amilcare back in 1975, he named the company after his three sons: Davide, Michela, and Danila.

DMD Oro Stoccolma Motorcycle Helmet Collage

Image DescriptionThough it looks like an enduro helmet from the 1970s, the DMD Oro Stoccolma is state-of-the-art, with a carbon and kevlar shell and full ECE safety certification.

DMD now sells full face, open face, and modular motorcycle helmets to people around the world. Their luxury Oro line of helmets all feature a carbon kevlar shell and Italian leather and shalimar trim on the interior, with a padded chin strap, double D-ring closure, and full ECE certification.

The DMD Oro Stoccolma motorcycle helmet features classic 1970s styling with a matte black full face design that has a wide face port allowing the use of goggles. The interior of the helmet is oxblood red, and it can be fitted with a snap-on perspex shield.

One of DMD’s most important markets outside of Europe is Australia, where the ECE helmet safety standard is now accepted nationwide on the country’s roads. The well-known team at Sabotage Motorcycles are now heading up the Australian operation, meaning that Aussies can now buy the helmets locally rather than needing to import them internationally.

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DMD Oro Stoccolma Motorcycle Helmet Side and Rear

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