Forest Kevlar® Motorcycle Shirt by Crave – The Original

Crave Kevlar Motorcycle Shirt

The team at Crave were the first in the world to develop regular-looking shirts that have a full Kevlar® lining and pockets for elbow, shoulder, and back armor. The shirts proved immediately popular, particularly in warmer climates, and they became a regular sight at vintage and custom motorcycle events. Crave is run by a friendly…

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The Vaktare M.G. Aviator Jacket

Vaktare M.G. Aviator Jacket 1

The Vaktare M.G. Aviator Jacket is a new design from the American motorcycle gear manufacturer, it was designed in the style of classic aviator jackets from the golden age of piston-powered fighter aircraft – but it includes a series of features to make it suitable for motorcycle use. Vaktare M.G. Vaktare M.G. is an LA-based…

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90th Anniversary Schott Perfecto Jacket – The Jacket That Started It All

90th Anniversary Schott Perfecto Jacket

The 90th Anniversary Schott Perfecto Jacket was developed to celebrate 90 years since Irving Schott designed America’s most iconic leather motorcycle jacket – this anniversary edition was created by the 3rd and 4th generations of the Schott family. The Perfecto The original Perfecto Jacket was named for Irving Schott’s favorite cigar type, the jacket was…

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The Aether Mojave Motorcycle Jacket – Full D3O Armor Included

Aether Mojave Jacket

The Aether Mojave Jacket is a modern take on the iconic cotton canvas motorcycle jackets that were used extensively by early motorcyclists as well as pilots and motorists thanks to the excellent breathability and water-resistance of waxed cotton canvas. The Aether Mojave Jacket – Technical Specifications Modern times call for modern materials, so the Aether…

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Spidi Originals LE Jacket – Classic Italian Looks – Modern Safety

Spidi Originals LE Jacket

The Spidi Originals LE Jacket is a classically styled motorcycle jacket that captures the aesthetic of the formative days of the world-renowned motorcycle gear manufacturer. Spidi started out making motorcycle gear back in 1977, enjoying their first moment in the spotlight when “King” Kenny Roberts won the 1979 500cc World Championship wearing their gloves. The…

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The McCoy Motorcycle Jacket by Tobacco Motorwear Company

McCoy Motorcycle Jacket by Tobacco Motorwear Company 8

The McCoy Motorcycle Jacket is a new design from the Tobacco Motorwear Company, they developed it to meet the demand from riders who want safe protective gear that looks like regular streetwear. Many motorcycle gear manufacturers produce jackets, pants, boots, and gloves that are well-suited to the track, but ill-suited to daily commuting. Commuters and…

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