This is the Merlin Chigwell Lite Jacket, it was developed by the British team at Merlin to fill the need for a classically-styled waxed canvas motorcycle jacket that is suitable for use in hot and/or tropical climates.

Regular waxed-canvas motorcycle jackets have been around for well over 100 years, long before manmade waterproof fabrics became popular it was waxed canvas that people relied on for motorcycle jackets, raincoats, and other water-resistant clothing that needed to be breathable.

The Merlin Chigwell has taken this classic design and added large color-matched air mesh panels to the front, back, and inner arms. This allows a large volume of air to pass through the jacket, keeping the rider cool and dry even when riding in places like North Africa, Death Valley, the tropics, the Gobi desert, and the Outback.

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Image DescriptionThe Chigwell has traditional diamond stitched panels on the upper arms, and adjustment straps on the arms and waist to ensure a good fit.

It’s long been a challenge for riders in climates like these to ensure they have adequate protection, black leather jackets are a no-go due to the heat, and regular mesh motorcycle jackets often have that mid-1990s Power Ranger cosplay design aesthetic.

The Merlin Chigwell has classic 8oz waxed canvas from Halley Stevensons across the top of the shoulders and outer arms, a slightly lighter grade than the 12oz material used in many of Merlin’s other jackets.

The jacket has abrasion-resistant panels front and back, and surprisingly for a jacket in this price range it comes with a full assortment of D3O Level 1 armour in the elbows, shoulders, and back.

The Chigwell has the CE AA safety certification and it’s offered in two colorways – Black and Olive. Sizing ranges from S up to 4XL and there’s a sizing chart on the website to help you get the right size first time. Pricing is at $249 USD or £179.99 for those of you across the Atlantic.

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