The Clampersand

Clampersand 450x330 - The Clampersand

The Clampersand is a fully functioning clamp that doubles as a visual pun, making it a perfect addition to the garage, livingroom, or personal library if you’re a man of means. Designer Tony Ruth (aka Lunchbreath) first developed the Clampersand in an original Core77 comic, they’ve since gone on to become a favourite addition to…

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Malle Navigator Case

Malle Navigator Case 450x330 - Malle Navigator Case

The Malle Navigator Case has been developed as a modern version of the classic tank-mounted navigation systems used in years gone by, in races like the Baja 1000 and the Paris-Dakar. Whereas the original systems were often just maps that had been duct-taped to fuel tanks, the Malle guys have taken it a few steps…

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Q Branch Spectre Gadget Switches

Q Branch Spectre Gadget Switches 450x330 - Q Branch Spectre Gadget Switches

Q Branch is by far the most famous of the fictional clandestine spy gadget manufacturers, they’ve been hard at work since Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale was published in 1953, with various characters playing Q – the head of the division. This set of switches were specified by Spectre director Sam Mendes, he wanted them to…

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James Bond’s Spectre Holster

James Bonds Spectre Holster 450x330 - James Bond's Spectre Holster

This is the leather holster used by Daniel Craig in the most recent James Bond film “Spectre”, it was used during filming and is one of five leather shoulder holsters hand-made for Bond by armourer Dave Evans. If you don’t have a Walter PPK handy the holster could still find use as a mysterious addition…

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Union Garage Deluxe Tool Roll

union garage 52 piece motorcycle tool roll 009 copy 450x330 - Union Garage Deluxe Tool Roll

The Union Garage Deluxe Tool Roll has been developed to be a comprehensive collection of tools needed for everything from roadside repairs to maintenance tasks in the garage. The roll is made from durable 10.10-ounce waxed cotton reinforced with leather, and its been designed to be small enough that it can be attached to most…

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Morakniv of Sweden Bushcraft Survival Knife

Morakniv of Sweden Bushcraft Survival Knife 450x330 - Morakniv of Sweden Bushcraft Survival Knife

The Bushcraft Survival Knife by Morakniv of Sweden was developed as an emergency fire starting solution for any climate. The magnesium fire starter stick sends out sparks at over 3000°C regardless of how wet, cold or snowy it is, and the stream of sparks is visible from a significant distance after dark. Morakniv ship each…

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5 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still

Copper Moonshine Still 450x330 - 5 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still

Moonshine has been going through a bit of a revival in recent years, the proliferation of affordable copper stills has certainly helped, and it’s now easier than ever for shiners to connect online and share information, techniques and tips. The Moonshine Stills Company is one of the leading lights in the moonshining world, they make…

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Malle Motorcycle Handlebar Smartphone Case

Handlebar Motorcycle iPhone Case 450x330 - Malle Motorcycle Handlebar Smartphone Case

The Malle Motorcycle Handlebar Smartphone Case is made from tough and highly water-resistant Horween leather from Chicago – a leather commonly used for work boots and other industrial applications. The transparent front of the case fits most Apple and Samsung devices and you can also fold up a paper map and slot it in. It’s…

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Porsche Type 917 Engine – Working 1:4 Scale Model

Porsche Type 917 Engines 450x330 - Porsche Type 917 Engine - Working 1:4 Scale Model

It’s difficult to fathom the level of engineering ability that it would require to build yourself a fully-functioning twin-turbo Porsche Type 917 engine with little more than a 10-inch lathe, a milling machine and some other basic workshop tools. One of the few people capable of such a task was the late-great Herb Jordan, a…

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Waterproof iPhone Handlebar Case

Interphone Waterproof iPhone Handlebar Case 450x330 - Waterproof iPhone Handlebar Case

Taking a motorcycle on a cross-country trip and not getting lost three corners into the journey is something I personally think may be impossible. Or at the very least, mathematically improbable. In a car it’s always possible to have a map handy but on a motorcycle you’re restricted to strapping a map to your forearm…

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1949 Lucky Strike Spy Camera

Lucky Strike Spy Camera 450x330 - 1949 Lucky Strike Spy Camera

Between 1949 and 1950 the Mast Development Company worked on a pair of spy cameras for the US Military, both of the prototypes were identical and they used an actual paper Lucky Strike packet as their cover. The camera itself used a 5-element f/2.7 17.5mm Sonnar-type lens. A focal plane shutter was mounted in front…

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Jerry Can Hip Flask

Jerry Can Hip Flask 450x330 - Jerry Can Hip Flask

The Jerry Can Hip Flask is such a simple and obvious idea that I’m a little annoyed at myself for not having come up with it years ago. Each of these flasks is based on the design of the original German Jerry Can that pre-dates WWII, but it’s been sized down to hold 6 ounces…

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