Super Veloce Flat Six Espresso Machine

Super Veloce Porsche Engine Coffee Espresso Machine 1

The Super Veloce Porsche Flat Six is an espresso machine designed to evoke the look of the engine used in the Porsche 993 GT2 Cup car from the mid-1990s. It’s a fully functioning coffee and espresso maker designed for office or home use that uses mess-free coffee capsules and push button simplicity.

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Adventure Camping Mini Espresso Maker by GSI Outdoors

Adventure Camping Mini Espresso Maker by GSI Outdoors With Cup

The Mini Espresso Maker by GSI Outdoors was designed for people who love the great outdoors, but can’t bring themselves to start the day with a cup of freeze-dried instant coffee. The word “espresso” is Italian for “pressed-out” (it shouldn’t be pronounced “ex-presso” unless you want to make your barista wince), the preparation method involves…

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Aviatore Veloce Turbojet Coffee Machine

Aviatore Veloce Turbojet Espresso Machine 450x330 - Aviatore Veloce Turbojet Coffee Machine

Just 100 examples of the new Aviatore Veloce Turbojet Coffee Machine will be built, and much like the other creations from Super Veloce it’s unlikely that most people will know what it actually is at first glance. Each is made from aviation grade 6061 T6, 2000 series aluminium alloy, stainless steel 316 Ti, 304 and…

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Super Veloce V10 Espresso Maker

Espresso Veloce Coffee Maker 6 450x330 - Super Veloce V10 Espresso Maker

Super Veloce is a company dedicated to espresso makers that appeal to people who are obsessive about engineering, coffee, and engines. Each espresso machine is made from anticorodal (6082 & 6061/T6) alloy and stainless steel (316 Ti & 304), which is anodised for corrosion resistance. The base is high pressure thermoset carbon fibre (2×2 twill)…

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Titanium French Press

French Press Coffee Maker 450x330 - Titanium French Press

Good coffee is something that many of us consider essential to our daily productivity, sanity and general happiness. When travelling, it can be a major chore to find a decent coffee, and when camping it can be next to impossible. This is where the Titanium French Press from Snow Peak comes into its own, it’s…

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Copper Whiskey Cups

Copper Shit Cups 450x330 - Copper Whiskey Cups

  These 1 ounce 100% copper cups are designed for use in situations when glass is too fragile – like camping trips, buck’s parties and birthdays for 3 year olds. The cups are seamless and due to the fact that they’re pure copper, they’ll develop a beautiful patina over time but can be brought back…

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The ROK Manual Espresso Maker

ROK Espresso Maker 450x330 - The ROK Manual Espresso Maker

The ROK Manual Espresso Maker is, as the name implies, an espresso maker that requires no electricity or tomfoolery to operate – you just load your ground coffee, add hot water to the compression chamber and then apply liberal downward pressure the levers. It’s recommended that owners use a finely ground coffee when using the…

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Speedster Espresso Machine

Speedster Espresso Machine 450x330 - Speedster Espresso Machine

On first seeing the Speedster Espresso Machine my first thoughts were that I needed to open a cafe, just so I’d have an excuse to buy one and put it on display. Then I remembered that I’d probably become verbally abusive of anyone that came in and ordered decaf, soya or a “cup o’ chino”….

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Frieling French Press

Frieling French Press 450x330 - Frieling French Press

I’m convinced that coffee has fuelled many, if not most, of humanity’s advances over the past few hundred years. With this in mind it’s obviously very important to ensure that you have the ability to make good coffee at home, at work or anywhere else you might be expected to be alert or do something…

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The Iron & Resin Coffee Kit

The Iron Resin Coffee Kit1 450x330 - The Iron & Resin Coffee Kit

      The Iron & Resin Coffee Kit is an all-in-one solution to the problem faced by people like me when out in the wild blue yonder – how I’ll get my hands on decent coffee. I’ve always thought of instant coffee as being kind of like a CVT transmission on a motorcycle, it…

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Roasted: A Coffee Documentary

Roasted A Coffee Documentary1 - Roasted: A Coffee Documentary

Roasted: A Coffee Documentary is a 25 minute long documentary about Chuck Patton and his company, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. It’s a fantastic personal insight into the development and growth of a small business by a man who had the guts to open a small independent coffee shop right across the road from a Starbucks. If…

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ROK Manual Espresso Maker

ROK Manual Espresso Maker coffee1 - ROK Manual Espresso Maker

The ROK Manual Espresso Maker is an entirely electricity free method of creating a proper espresso, the two handles are used to apply pressure to hot water in the upper container, this water is then forced through the coffee in the handle. Any decent barista will tell you that when it comes to espresso, pressure…

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