Just 100 examples of the new Aviatore Veloce Turbojet Coffee Machine will be built, and much like the other creations from Super Veloce it’s unlikely that most people will know what it actually is at first glance.

Each is made from aviation grade 6061 T6, 2000 series aluminium alloy, stainless steel 316 Ti, 304 and aluminium bronze. It can make either tea or coffee thanks to its high-pressure brewing system, and it can run on 110 to 120, or 220 to 240 volt mains power.

With a total weight of 28 kilograms and dimensions of 780 mm x 332 mm x 455 mm this isn’t an coffee machine you’d put on your average kitchen counter – unless you’re someone like Horacio Pagani of course.

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aviatore-veloce-turbojet-espresso-machine-1 aviatore-veloce-turbojet-espresso-machine-6 aviatore-veloce-turbojet-espresso-machine-5 aviatore-veloce-turbojet-espresso-machine-4 aviatore-veloce-turbojet-espresso-machine-3 aviatore-veloce-turbojet-espresso-machine-2

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