Short Film: Constructing a Car Engine In The 1930s

Constructing a Car Engine

This short film shows what went into building a car engine back in the 1930s, including casting, forging, machining, assembly, and testing. It’s a remarkable look back at how it was done before the robots took over, the amount of hand work required is impressive – as is the somewhat casual nature of the safety…

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An Original Concorde Attitude Display Indicator

Concorde Attitude Indicator

This is an original Concorde attitude display indicator, oftentimes referred to as an artificial horizon. As with many aircraft, the attitude display indicator on the Concorde was positioned front and center for both the captain and co-pilot – directly above the horizontal situation indicator, to the right of the air speed indicator, and to the…

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Documentary: Malle Moto – The Forgotten Dakar Story

Malle Moto - The Forgotten Dakar Story

Malle Moto – The Forgotten Dakar Story is a full-length documentary covering the remarkable entry of Lyndon Poskitt in the Malle Moto Class of the 2017 Dakar Rally. The Malle Moto Class isn’t particularly well-known outside of endurance rally circles, in the Dakar the Malle Moto Class is for riders who want to do the…

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