Documentary: The Grid

Williams Formula One 450x330 - Documentary: The Grid

The Grid is a Horizon documentary showing the inner workings of the Williams Formula One team during the controversial 1981 season. Much of the film is spent discussing and explaining the ground effect systems being developed by the teams to optimize under-car aerodynamics. Some of the systems are startlingly clever and some are a little…

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1933 Morgan Super Sports Three-Wheeler

Morgan Super Sports Three Wheeler 450x330 - 1933 Morgan Super Sports Three-Wheeler

A Short History of the Morgan Three-Wheeler The Morgan Motor Company was established in 1910 and it’s survived where many hundreds of other small companies have failed – largely by weaponizing its eccentric British heritage. Morgan was originally founded by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan, more commonly known as HFS, to sell his unusual but enduringly popular three-wheeled…

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An Original 1949 Indian Papoose

Indian Papoose 2 450x330 - An Original 1949 Indian Papoose

The Welbike and the Corgi The Indian Papoose is a small folding motorcycle based on the Welbike, which had been developed during WWII for use by commandos who were parachuting behind enemy lines and needed a way to quickly get around. The original Welbike was designed at Station IX, or the “Inter Services Research Bureau”…

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The Official Buying Guide – Sunbeam Alpine

Sunbeam Alpine 8 450x330 - The Official Buying Guide - Sunbeam Alpine

The Sunbeam Alpine Introduction The Sunbeam Alpine name was first used on a car that pre-dates the car most of us think of when the name Sunbeam Alpine is mentioned. The first Sunbeam Alpine Marks I and III (1953-1955) were two seater roadsters based on the Sunbeam-Talbot 90 saloon and which were created specifically for…

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Documentary: The Last African Flying Boat

Imperial Airways Flying Boats 450x330 - Documentary: The Last African Flying Boat

The Last African Flying Boat is a vintage documentary covering the recreation of an aerial tour from Egypt to South Africa by flying boat. The film includes footage of the first flying boats in Africa as well as more modern examples, and the insight into the difficulties of traveling across Africa are well documented. The…

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1965 Peel Trident

Peel Trident 4 450x330 - 1965 Peel Trident

A Short History of the Peel Trident The Peel Engineering Company retains the unique distinction of being the only automobile manufacturer to ever set up on the Isle of Man. The company started out making GRP boats and motorcycle fairings in the small town of Peel on the island’s west coast, before branching out into microcar…

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The Crosslé 90F Open Wheeled Racer

Crosslé 90F Car 2 450x330 - The Crosslé 90F Open Wheeled Racer

A Brief Introduction to the Crosslé 90F The Crosslé 90F is an open wheeled racing car developed specifically for the Classic Racing School based at the legendary Circuit de Charade in Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, Central France. The fact that the Crosslé 90F looks like a 1960s era Formula car is no mistake – its basic design…

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Land Rover Defender Td5

land rover defender 44 450x330 - Land Rover Defender Td5

A Short History of the Land Rover Defender The Land Rover Defender first appeared in 1983, as the Land Rover One Ten, followed a year later by the Land Rover Ninety. The Defender badge didn’t make its first appearance in 1991 to differentiate the more classically styled Land Rover from the relatively new Discovery model. The…

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The Official Buying Guide: MGB Roadster

Buying Guide MGB Roadster Front 450x330 - The Official Buying Guide: MGB Roadster

Introduction The MGB Roadster is the quintessential British sports car that never attempted to be the quickest thing on four wheels, rather it focussed on being enjoyable to drive, to tinker with, and to own. The humble MG is a good example of what made the British car industry a dominant force in the world of sports…

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