The Crosslé 90F Open Wheeled Racer

Crosslé 90F Car 2 450x330

A Brief Introduction to the Crosslé 90F The Crosslé 90F is an open wheeled racing car developed specifically for the Classic Racing School based at the legendary Circuit de Charade in Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, Central France. The fact that the Crosslé 90F looks like a 1960s era Formula car is no mistake – its basic design…

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Land Rover Defender Td5

land rover defender 44 450x330

A Short History of the Land Rover Defender The Land Rover Defender first appeared in 1983, as the Land Rover One Ten, followed a year later by the Land Rover Ninety. The Defender badge didn’t make its first appearance in 1991 to differentiate the more classically styled Land Rover from the relatively new Discovery model. The…

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The Official Buying Guide: MGB Roadster

Buying Guide MGB Roadster Front 450x330

Introduction The MGB Roadster is the quintessential British sports car that never attempted to be the quickest thing on four wheels, rather it focussed on being enjoyable to drive, to tinker with, and to own. The humble MG is a good example of what made the British car industry a dominant force in the world of sports…

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The Five Brough Superiors of the Villa Erba Sale

Brough Superior 450x330

Brough Superior (pronounced “bruff superior”) was famously dubbed the “Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles” – a moniker that was unofficially endorsed by the British carmaker after a senior executive visited the factory and came away deeply impressed. The two major model iterations built by Brough Superior were the SS80 and the SS100, the “SS” standing for “Super Sport”…

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1962 BSA Rocket Gold Star Scrambler

BSA A10 Rocket Gold Star 450x330

The BSA Rocket Gold Star was one of the best performing motorcycles in the world when it was introduced – and funnily enough it wasn’t actually invented by the engineers at BSA. The early 1960s were a tumultuous time in the British motorcycle industry, with many of the large marques taking a step forward with their engineering –…

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The Official Buying Guide: Range Rover Classic Two-Door

Range Rover Classic Cutaway. 1 450x330

Introduction When it was first introduced in 1970 the Range Rover immediately caught the motoring public’s attention because it represented the addition of something that had been largely missing from the world of 4×4 vehicles – luxury. With the Range Rover the British nailed the concept of the comfortable 4×4, and created a vehicle that was (and still is)…

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Documentary: The 1988 Season with Williams F1

Toys For the Boys The 1988 Season with Williams Grand Prix 2 450x330

This film, called “Toys For The Boys”, is a look at the 1988 Formula One season through the eyes of the Williams Team. It offers interesting insight into the lives and philosophy of the engineers and other team members, it also includes some excellent racing footage. Perhaps the most startling thing is just how little…

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The Norton Domiracer

Norton Domiracer 450x330

A Short History of the Norton Domiracer Norton Motorcycles was returned to England in 2008, after having spent 15 years in American hands. Norton is one of the most iconic of all the British motorcycle marques, so its return to British hands was warmly welcomed, even though the timing coincided with the Great Recession – leaving many…

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Official Buying Guide: Land Rover Series I

Land Rover Series I 450x330

Introduction The Land Rover Series I was never expected to be a sales success. When it was first introduced it was not expected to be in production for more than three years and had you told Rover executives and planners that it would wildly outsell their line of prestigious luxury cars for decades into the…

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