Tank Moto Magazine

Tank Moto Magazine Thumbnail - Tank Moto Magazine

Tank Moto Magazine is a new quarterly publication by the talented editorial team behind the car-centric Fuel Magazine – Tank Moto is dedicated purely to motorcycles and the culture that surrounds them in Australia and around the world. I just got my hands on the first edition of Tank Moto and it’s a strangely compelling…

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Havana Leather Notebook

Havana Leather Notebooks1 - Havana Leather Notebook

This Havana Leather Notebook is designed to be easily refillable with perforated sheet paper, the cover is leather tanned in the L’Aveyron region of France and brass rivets old the spine together.

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Don’t Panic

Dont Panic 1 - Don't Panic

So I’ll say from the outset that the above image is going to make no sense to you unless you’ve read The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams, if you haven’t read the book, go grab a copy and then come back when you’re ready.

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The Zombie Survival Guide

the zombie survival guide1 - The Zombie Survival Guide

This book – “The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead” is a modern classic of sorts, its author is Max Brooks, the son of comedy legend Mel Brooks. Max is also a staff writer at Saturday Night Live and he’s the man who wrote the screenplay for Brad Pitt’s latest feature film, World War Z.

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The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel

The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel Tips Technology Advanced Techniques1 - The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel

The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel is a highly acclaimed motorcycle touring guide book by Dale Coyner, it comes widely recommended and I’d strongly suggest grabbing a copy if you have any plans to spend some of your summer going cross country on two wheels.

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US Army Field Manuals (Set of 3)

US Army Field Manuals 450x330 - US Army Field Manuals (Set of 3)

US Army Field Manuals are well-known and highly respected by campers, soldiers, survivalists, hikers and “preppers” – there are over 600 different books in total so the team at Best Made collected the top 3 and created a set that can be bought via their website for $22 USD. That seems like a pretty good deal considering the fact that if you ever find yourself actually needing them, money will likely only be useful to you as kindling.

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Saturn V Flight Manual

Saturn V Flight Manual  450x330 - Saturn V Flight Manual

This is the Saturn V Flight Manual used by astronaut and Lunar Module pilot Edgar Mitchell during the Apollo 14 program, Mitchell was just the 6th man to walk on the moon and spent 9 hours in the Fra Mauro Highlands region on February the 6th 1971.

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The Art Of Fixing Things

THE ART OF FIXING THINGS 450x330 - The Art Of Fixing Things

The Art Of Fixing Things is the kind of book we all need sitting on our bookshelves, it covers everything from repairing cars, household appliances, garden machines, farm equipment and doing home improvements and it’s described as “a resource for smart people who have never had the opportunity to learn the basics of tool use, maintenance and repairs”.

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