Steve McQueen In Le Mans is a new graphic novel by Swiss artist Sandro Garbo, he wanted to take one of the most famous McQueen movies and give it a comprehensive re-telling via the graphic novel medium – recreating the most famous scenes and cars in stunning detail.

“I don’t think anyone ever filmed a car race in such a realistic and intense way, but watching it, I saw more than just the race. I pictured the panels we could create and they were so stunning that I only wanted one thing: to create and share them.” – Sandro Garbo

From start to finish the graphic novel took 3 years to complete, Sandro and his team took time to get the details of each car perfect – including the film’s main protagonists, the Porsche 917, and the Ferrari 512.

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steve-mcqueen-in-le-mans-a-graphic-novel-2 steve-mcqueen-in-le-mans-a-graphic-novel-3 steve-mcqueen-in-le-mans-a-graphic-novel-4 steve-mcqueen-in-le-mans-a-graphic-novel-cover

Via Maxim + Road & Track Magazine

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