Flying Tiger Motorcycles BMW R75/5

bmw r75 motorcycle 10 450x330 - Flying Tiger Motorcycles BMW R75/5

The BMW R75/5 was the top of the line member of the /5 family, with the smaller-engined 50/5 and 60/5 sitting below it in the pecking order. The R75/5 could cheerfully manage 110mph, and its simple, reliable German engineering meant that it was both staggeringly reliable and very much in demand. With 50hp and 43…

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Brass Balls Cycles F3 Rocketeer

Brass Balls Cycles F3 Rocketeer 6 450x330 - Brass Balls Cycles F3 Rocketeer

The Brass Balls Cycles F3 Rocketeer is a limited production motorcycle based directly on the initial prototype that won the AMD World Championships of Custom Bike Building (production class). Just 15 will be made in total, and a number of them have already been delivered to customers in the USA. Brass Balls Cycles is a…

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Blitz BMW R75/5 Bobber

BMW Bobber Motorcycle 450x330 - Blitz BMW R75/5 Bobber

Blitz Motorcycles is a Paris-based workshop that have developed a reputation for building genuinely unique and oftentimes unusual custom motorcycles. It’s run by Fred Jourden and Hugo Jezebel, both avid riders and self-taught mechanics who have developed a style all their own. When Blitz first started building bikes in 2010 they split public opinion, with…

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Mooneyes Triumph Bobber

Mooneyes Triumph Bobber 450x330 - Mooneyes Triumph Bobber

The Triumph-powered bobber is a motorcycle with a rich American DNA, despite the British origin of its engine. After WWII the custom motorcycle community in England were stripping off fenders, bolting on clip-on handlebars and removing weight to make their bikes as fast as possible on twisty British roads. In America the young men were taking…

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