Blitz Motorcycles is a Paris-based workshop that have developed a reputation for building genuinely unique and oftentimes unusual custom motorcycles. It’s run by Fred Jourden and Hugo Jezebel, both avid riders and self-taught mechanics who have developed a style all their own.

When Blitz first started building bikes in 2010 they split public opinion, with some people loving the raw, minimalist customs and some hating them. I’ve always fallen into that former camp, an email from Blitz is always going to contain something out of the ordinary and a far cry from the hundreds of half-assed builds and Craigslist specials that come through the inbox every year.

The BMW R75/5 you see here was a project that was in the pipeline for over 2 years. It was ordered by a British architect but Fred and Hugo had a very specific layout in mind, and they had to wait for lithium-ion motorcycle battery technology to develop to the point that they could fit one under the fuel tank in an exceedingly tight space.

The Blitz boys rebuilt the top end of the engine, including new pistons, rings, valves, gaskets, and the rest. They rebuilt the Bing carburettors and installed a new and far more reliable TCI/AC-CDI ignition system in place of the stock points system.

To finish the bike off they added their own Blitz Motorcycles mini switch to control the electric starter and headlight, they added a pair of patching stainless steel mini mufflers, bolted on a Triumph handlebar, made up a bespoke wiring loom, added a set of Firestone Deluxe Champion tires, a pair of Hagon shocks, lowered the forks by 2 inches, and added a new solo seat.

The completed bike is one of the cleanest bobbers we’ve featured in some time, and it’s all-black paint work is set off beautifully by that orange headlight. If you’d like to see more from Blitz Motorcycles you can click here to visit their website.

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