iPhone Sleeve by Eatsleeplay

leather iphone case 450x330 - iPhone Sleeve by Eatsleeplay

The only way to own an iPhone and not smash it to bits every time you drop it, which we all do rather often, is to put it in some sort of case. You then face the problem of finding a case that isn’t hideous and won’t make your phone look like a 3rd rate Chinese knock-off.

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Biltwell el Fuerte Helmet

Biltwell el Fuerte Helmet 450x330 - Biltwell el Fuerte Helmet

The el Fuerte is the latest lid from the team at Biltwell, it’s the DOT approved new model in their line up and it replaces the Hustler 3/4 face helmet that has itself become ubiquitous in the custom motorcycle scene over the past few years.

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