1957 Daytona Beach Race

1957 Daytona Beach Race 450x330 - 1957 Daytona Beach Race

The 1957 Daytona Beach Race was one of the truly classic early NASCAR events, the cars had to be showroom stock with only some minor safety additions. I think this sort of racing series would be incredible to see nowadays, totally stock sedans racing on circuits around the world would draw a lot of attention. Hell, I’d watch it.

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Eddie Lawson

Eddie Lawson 450x330 - Eddie Lawson

This is Eddie Lawson getting it a little sideways in 1988 aboard his 500cc 2 stroke Yamaha YZR, it’s mildly horrifying to me to learn that this era is now considered “retro” as ’88 still feels like it was about 14 or so years ago.

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Wood-Rotax SJ676 Grand Prix Racer

Wood Rotax SJ676 Grand Prix Racer 450x330 - Wood-Rotax SJ676 Grand Prix Racer

The Wood-Rotax SJ676 Grand Prix Racer is easily one of the most beautiful racers I’ve seen in some time. It almost looks like an incredibly detailed model however I’ve been assured by MidAmerica Auctions that it’s a true blue, full scale racing motorcycle designed and fabricated by Ron Wood and Steve Jentges in 1986. Only 16…

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Rockville Fair Auto Races

August 25 1923. Montgomery County Maryland. “Auto races Rockville Fair.” 450x330 - Rockville Fair Auto Races

This photograph was taken on August 25th, 1923 in Montgomery County, Maryland at the Rockville Auto Races. It’s a beautifully composed image and the photographer’s use of depth of field here is perfect, giving the picture an almost tilt-shift feel.

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Goldmember by Goldammer Cycle Works

Goldmember by Goldammer Cycle Works 3 450x330 - Goldmember by Goldammer Cycle Works

We featured the Nortorious by Goldammer Cycle Works earlier this week and it caused all of our regular reader’s eyes to explode out of their faces, bounce off their monitors and land on their keyboards. In other words, it was rather popular. Usually I wouldn’t feature 2 bikes from the same builder in the same…

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