The PowerPot

PowerPot 450x330 - The PowerPot

The PowerPot is a relatively small, portable power generator that just requires a campfire or heat source to operate. It’s capable of charging everything from cell phones to GPS units and radios, or anything else that runs on lithium ion battery units.

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Cirrus Ice Ball Press Kit

Cirrus Ice Ball Press Kit shadow 450x330 - Cirrus Ice Ball Press Kit

Ice balls are a relatively new discovery of mine, I first encountered them when my brother, who was a bar manager at the time, pulled out a contraption and loaded a giant cube of ice into it. The device slowly melted the cube into a clear sphere of ice which was then dropped into my bourbon.

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BigRed by BoomCase

Vintage Suitcase BoomBoxes  450x330 - BigRed by BoomCase

BoomCase is the pre-eminent creator of vintage suitcase boomboxes, each case is made by hand from a genuine vintage piece of luggage meaning no two are identical, they include internal battery systems that’ll give you ~10 hours of music (upgradeable to 20 hours for $45 USD).

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Bicycle Can Cage

il fullxfull.303327165 450x330 - Bicycle Can Cage

Okay so from the outset I have 2 problems with the Bicycle Can Cage, firstly, that appears to be Pabst Blue Ribbon sitting in it, a beer which I have tasted and strongly feel is unfit for human consumption.

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Leica M Monochrom

Leica M Monochrom 450x330 - Leica M Monochrom

Black and white photography is, in some respects, a lost art form. The move away from film to digital and the requisite fixed colour sensor has meant that true black and white photographs are a thing of the past, well perhaps they were till now.

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