The G-Shock Full Metal 5000 (model GMWB5000D-1) is a new series in the legendary line of watches that has been in production for almost 40 years. Casio first developed the G-Shock in 1983 as an affordable watch that could withstand significant mechanical stress, shock, and vibration – the name G-Shock stands for “Gravitational Shock”.

G-Shock have become popular in a vast array of professional fields from front line military personnel to search and rescue teams, and they’re frequently used by those with active outdoor pursuits that call for a waterproof watch that can handle bumps, scrapes, and drops.

G-Shock GMWB5000D-1 Model

The new G-Shock Full Metal 5000 combines the traits of the original G-Shock but now with all-metal construction and an aesthetic designed to fit in in offices just as well as it does in the great outdoors. The watch has a thin-film solar panel on its face to collect power from the sun or indoor lights to keep the battery charged and it uses G-Shock’s “Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping” technology to keep time accurately thanks to radio signals from six transmitters worldwide.

As with all G-Shocks this one has built-in resistance to electric shocks, G-forces, lower temperatures, vibration, water incursion, and impacts. The Full Metal 5000 series uses super-twisted nematic (STN) LCD displays for clarity, they have calendar, alarm, and timer functions, and 200 metres of water resistance.

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